Introducing The TDS Media Archive!


So thanks to a member of our forum, Hayley ( @smeagols_twin via twitter), I (Rose) have come into possession of the treasure trove of media. Over a decade of appearances, concerts, you name it, from all over the world! Thankfully cloud drive websites exist so that I could upload it and share with you guys. I will also be uploading it to YouTube but this way even if YouTube blocks it or you want your own copy…you can!

There’s so much media I’m almost overwhelmed honestly. Like, it’s pretty crazy. Because of that, it’ll take me some time to really sort through all of it. So far I’ve gotten 1993-1996 up onto the Mega Cloud Drive I created just for this. Keep an eye out on our TDS Media Archive Page for when I post links to the folders for the other years of video!

Update – we now have 1990 – 2005 uploaded! Along with 2016 being up to date! And the early years DVDs have been added as well!

6 thoughts on “Introducing The TDS Media Archive!

    1. I do. Hayley had it on a VHS tape she converted to a file. But the problem is it’s part of a larger file so it’s huge and has a lot of other video. I’m having trouble converting it and editing it down to just the concert. But once I figure it out I’ll upload it.


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