DNA World Tour – The Spoilers (Set List, Videos and More)

Okay. I poked around for some feedback and this seemed to be the best solution to the Spoiler Problem. I asked what you guys wanted. I took in all the suggestions I possibly could. This was what I came up with. A link to a page with all the spoilers for all those who just want to know. So be warned, if you’re here accidentally? TURN. BACK. NOW. This is your one warning.

If you’re here it’s because you WANT to know things.

You WANT to watch videos from the tour.

You NEED to know the set list.

Okay…let’s have at it!

The Set List

Everyone (as an intro)
I Wanna Be With You
The Call
Don’t Want You Back
Nobody Else (partial – Brian)
New Love
Get Down
Chateau (partial – Howie)
Show Me The Meaning
More Than That
The Way It Was (partial – Nick)
Shape Of My Heart
Passionate (partial – AJ and Kevin)
Quit Playing Games
As Long As You Love Me
No Place
Don’t Wanna Lose You Now
I’ll Never Break Your Heart
All I Have To Give
We’ve Got It Going On
It’s Gotta Be You
That’s The Way I Like It
Get Another Boyfriend
The One
I Want It That Way
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
Larger Than Life

I have to say this is the perfect blend of die hard, and casual fans songs. A mix of old and new. Also, I’ve literally been pleading for It’s Gotta Be You to come back since that injustice in Vegas where it was only a dance break. So when I learned that it made the set list? Well that really loud squeal you heard around the world came from me.

More Details

So…no roses. Instead Kevin and AJ? They change on stage! And then?!

They give out their UNDERWEAR.

Yup. Real life. We’ve gone from roses to underpants, people!

The show is about an hour and fifty minutes long, and honestly it’s fantastic.

The Videos

This originally wasn’t going to exist but since I spoiled myself on Rich and Tone’s live stream, that ship has sailed on me holding back. So…

This playlist I created is the entire show basically that a channel uploaded.

Annnnnnnd More!

The Stage

DNA Circle! Keep in mind many venues in Europe only have GA instead of floor seats so what this will look like out outside the DNA Circle part of the stage might vary a bit.


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The Merch

Yes you can buy it online. Yes it ships worldwide. You can buy it here at the US store or here at the EU store.

The VIP!!!

How cute is this badge?


Also…BSB Photo lockers!


A full view of VIP


This will be updated as all the information rolls in!