The A-Z of BSB Songs

So you guys can complete your collections, I thought this was a page worth creating. Now, these are songs we have mp3s or mp4s of – some are clips, some are the full songs, some are live performances. I’m putting this disclaimer so that way you won’t ask why I’m not adding the unreleased songs we wish the Boys would release. I already have a list of those. This is for those fans who aren’t crazy like me, who don’t have every song ever. I’ve been discovering recently you can be a die-hard fan and not know this list. So I want to help you guys out. Most, if not all, of these should be in the media archive in some way (unless they’re on actual albums that you should buy, in which case go get them on Amazon or iTunes!), shape or form. But if they’re not, you should be able to find them on YouTube. Happy hunting!

Disclaimer – I’m not listing the remixes or I’d be here for years, lol. Sorry!


Studio Quality Songs

19 In 99 (Nick)
100 (Howie)
10,000 Promises
Addicted (Nick)
All American (Nick)
All I Have To Give
All I Have To Give (Conversation mix)
All In My Head
All In My Head (NKOTBSB)
All In This Together
All Of Your Life (You Need Love)
Angels and Heroes (Brian)
Answer To Our Life
Any Other Way
Any Other Way (Nick version clip)
Anywhere For You
Arthur Theme Song
As Long As You Love Me
Baby I’m Yours
Baby it’s cold outside (Brian featuring Leighanne)
Back Porch Bottle Service (AJ)
Back To Me (Howie)
Back To Your Heart
Back In The Day (Howie)
Back In The Day Reprise (Howie)
Beautiful Lie (Nick and Jennifer Paige)
Best of My Love
Best That I Can
Betcha By Golly Wow
Blow Your Mind (Nick)
Boys Will Be Boys
Boy and a Man (AJ)
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Nick Before BSB)
Breathe (on In A World Like This)
Breathe (on DNA)
Burning Up (Nick)
By His Wounds (Brian)
By My Side
Bye Bye Love
California (Nick)
Can We Get Back To Love Again
Can’t Stop Thinkin’ About You
Cherry Pie (Nick)
Children Need A Helping Hand
Children Of The World
Christmas Time
Climbing The Walls
Close My Eyes
Clouds (Redrama featuring AJ)
Coffee and Cigarettes (AJ)
Color My World
Coma (Nick)
Come Kiss Me (Brian and Baylee duet)
Crawling Back To You
Danny’s Song (Kevin)
Divine Intervention
Do I Have to Cry For You (Nick)
Do The Right Thing
Dominoes (Howie)
Don’t Disturb This Groove
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
Don’t Leave Me
Don’t Try This At Home
Don’t Turn Out The Lights (NKOTBSB)
Don’t Walk Away
Don’t Wanna Lose You Now
Don’t Want You Back
Donde Quieras Yo Ire
Drive By Love (AJ)
Drop The Ball (AJ)
Drowning (Country version)
End Of Forever (Nick)
End Of The Road
Every Time I Close My Eyes
Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
Everything But Mine
Evidence of You (Howie)
Fallen Angel
Falling Down (Nick)
Falling in Love Again (Nick)
Feels Like Home
Figured You Out
Fly To Heaven (Howie)
Forces Of Nature
Forever Rebel (Nick)
Free From Within (Howie)
Friends Never Say Goodbye
Funny Face
Get Another Boyfriend
Get Down (You’re The One For Me)
Get Over Me (Nick)
Get Ready
Going Going Gone (Howie)
Gorgeous (AJ)
Girls of The USA (Nick)
Give Me Your Heart
Give You Away (AJ)
God Bless The U.S.A. (Nick Before BSB)
God, Your Mama, and Me (with FGL)
Got To Be There
Gone Without Goodbye (Brian)
Grace of My Life (Brian)
Happily Never After
Hard To Get (Nick solo Before BSB)
Hard To Get (Nick & Malia Tuaileva Before BSB)
Hate It When You’re Gone (AJ)
Have It All (AJ)
Heart Without a Home (Nick)
Help Me (Nick)
Helpless Feat Pitbull (two versions)
Helpless When She Smiles
Hey, Mr DJ
Higher Love
Horoscope (Nick)
How Great (Brian)
Hot Hot Hot
How Did I Fall In Love With You?
I Did It For You
I Die
I Got You (Nick)
I Got To Get It
I Gotta Get With You (Nick)
I Just Wanna Take You Home (Nick)
I Need You Tonight
I Promise You (With Everything I Am)
I Quit (AJ)
I Still
I Surrender All (Brian)
I Wanna Be With You
I Want It That Way
I Want It That Way (No Goodbyes)
I Want It That Way Reimagined
I Will Be Yours
I Will Wait (Nick)
I’d Do Anything
I’d Do Anything For You (Trey D & Kevin)
I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Brian)
I’ll Be There For You
I’ll Never Break Your Heart
I’ll Never Find a Girl Like You
I’ll Never Find Someone Like You
I’m Alive (Brian)
I’m Sorry
I’m Taking Off (Nick)
In a World Like This
I’ve Got To Get It
If I Don’t Have You
If I Ever Fall In Love
If I Knew Then
If I Say (Howie & Yu Shirota)
If You Knew What I Knew
If You Stay
If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)
I Gotta Get With You (Nick)
In A World Like This
In Christ Alone (Brian)
In Pieces
In The End (Nick/Howie/AJ)
In Your Arms
In Over My Head (Nick)
International Luv
Is It Just Me?
Is It Saturday Yet? (Nick)
It Doesn’t Matter
It Still Matters (Gospellers & Howie)
It’s A Game
It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas (Brian with Leighanne)
It’s Gotta Be You
It’s True
Jailhouse Rock (Nick Before BSB)
Jesus Loves You (Brian)
Jewel In Our Hearts (Nick)
Just A Gigolo /I Ain’t Got Nobody (Nick Before BSB)
Just Like You Like It
Just One Kiss (Nick)
Just To Be Close
Just Want You To Know
Lager Than Life
Larger Than Life
Last Night You Saved My Life
Lay Down Beside Me
Lean On Me (Howie)
Left For Dead (Nick)
Let Me Be Your Loverboy
Let The Music Heal Your Soul
Let’s Do It For Love
Let’s Have A Party
Let’s Have A Party (Acoustic – A Night Out With The BSB)
Let It Be Me (With Steve Aoki)
Let It Go (Nick)
Let’s Make a Toast to Our Love
Lie To Me (Howie)
Life is Just (AJ)
Lift Me Up
Light On
Lights (Nick Before BSB)
Like A Child
Live Together (AJ)
London (AJ)
Lose It All
Lost In Space
Love Can’t Wait (Nick)
Love Crazy (AJ)
Love Is
Love Is A Wonderful Thing (Nick Before BSB)
Love Knows I Love You
Love Somebody
Love To Love
Love Will Keep You Up All Night
Loving You
Make Believe
Man On The Moon (Nick)
Mary Did You Know (Brian)
Matches (with Britney Spears)
Miss America (Nick)
Missing You
Money Money Money
Monsters In My Head (Howie)
More Than That
More Today Than Yesterday (Nick Before BSB)
Movin’ On
Mr. A (AJ)
Mr. A (BSB version)
My Answer is You (Brian)
My Beautiful Woman
My Confession (Nick)
My Heart Stays With You (Howie)
New Love
Never Gone
Night Visions (AJ)
No Hablo Espanol (Howie)
No More Games (Nick and Andrew Alvarado)
No One Else Comes Close
Nobody But You
Nobody Else
No Place
Non Pour Lusciarmi Cosi
Not For Me
Not No More
Not The Other Guy (Nick)
Not too Young, Not too Old (Aaron + Nick)
Nothing (Nick and MBA)
Nothing Left To Lose (Nick)
Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You (Nick)
Nowhere To Go
Nunca Te Hare Llorar
Oh Aaron (Aaron + Nick)
On Without You
One In A Million
One Last Cry (Brian)
One Phone Call
One Small Voice (with Elmo)
Open Arms
Outlooks at Beals
Over Her
Over My Head (Howie)
Over My Head (Brian)
Over and Under (Howie)
Payback (Nick)
Permanent Stain
Pollyanna’s Shadow (Howie)
Poster Girl
Prisoner (Nick)
Pure (Howie)
Quit Playin’ Games (With My Heart)
Remember (Nick)
Rhythm Of My Heart (Nick Before BSB)
Right Here Waiting For You (Nick, Live)
Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (Nick Before BSB)
Rockstar Baby (Nick)
Roll With It
Rub A Dub Dub
Runaround Sue (Nick Before BSB)
Rush Over Me
Safest Place To Hide
Say Goodbye (Nick & Tommy Lee)
Scandilicious (Nick)
School Bell Tango (Howie)
Scream (Nick)
Second Win (Nick)
Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
Set It Off
Shape Of My Heart
Shatterproof (Howie)
She Wants Me (Aaron & Nick)
She’s A Dream
She’s Got A Way (Kevin)
She’s Like The Sun (Howie)
Shining Star
Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of
Show Me What You Got (Bratz Feat Boa & Howie)
Show Me The Meaning (Of Being Lonely)
Shut Up and Listen (AJ)
Shy (Howie)
Sick As My Secrets
Sincerely Yours (AJ)
Sleepwalking (Howie)
Small Time Blues (Howie)
So Far Away (Nick)
Something That I Already Know
Song For The Unloved
Spanish Eyes
Special (Nick)
Star Spangled Banner (Nick Before BSB)
Stay (Howie)
Stay In My Life
Straight Through My Heart
Stay the Same (AJ)
Story of My Life
Summer! (Nick Before BSB)
Sunday Morning Bells (Nick Before BSB)
Swet (Nick)
Swing It Out
Take Care
Teenage Wildlife (AJ)
Tell Me
Tell Me That I’m Dreamin’
Tender Love
That’s The Way I Like It
That’s What She Said
The Bloody Indulgent (Kevin)
The Call
The Great Divide (Nick)
The Me I’m Meant To Be (Howie)
The One
The Perfect Fan
The Way It Was
There For Me (Nick)
There Goes My Baby (Kevin demo)
There’s Us
This Is Just What I Needed (Howie)
This Is Us (three versions of this song)
Tijuana (Nick)
Treat Me Right
Trouble Is
Trust Me
Twas the Night Before Christmas (Brian, Leighanne & Baylee)
Undone (Nick Solo version)
Unica (Howie)
Unmistakable (Nick Solo version)
Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon
Uptown Girl (Nick Before BSB)
Useless (AJ)
Way To Your Heart (Howie)
We’ve Got It Goin’ On
Welcome Home (You) (Brian)
We Lift You Up
Weird World
Welcome To My Heart
What If (AJ)
What It Do (AJ)
What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)
What More Can I Give
What’s Goin’ On (Collaboration with Various Artists)
When Kiss Comes To Love (Harold and Brian Littrell)
Which One Am I? (Howie)
White Christmas
Who Needs The World (Nick)
Why I (AJ)
Will You Be There (Howie)
Wish (Brian)
Worth Fighting For (Yu Shiorta & Howie)
Worry (Howie)
Yes, I Will
You Alone (Brian)
You Are (Brian)
You Can Let Go
You Keep Giving Me Love
You Wrote The Book On Love
You’re The Reason (Krystal and AJ)
You’re The Reason (Krystal and BSB on her album)
You (AJ and Shawn from BIIM)



Songs performed (live songs we never got studios of, or covers):

America The Beautiful (Live)
All I Care About (Kevin Chicago Musical)
Aren’t They Our Children (Live + Various Artists)
Baby Rise (AJ + Sarah Martin, Live)
Chain of Fools (Live With Aretha Franklin)
Don’t Stand So Close To Me (live with Sting at Men Strike Back)
Don’t Take The Girl (Brian, Live)
Dream (Nick, Live)
Every Breath You Take (live with Sting at Men Strike Back)
From This Moment (With Shania Twain)
Get Outta My Dreams (And into My Car) (Don’t Forget The Lyrics)
Heaven In Your Eyes (Nick, Live)
Hey Joe (Nick, Live)
How Deep Is your Love (live at the Grammys)
I’ll Make Love To You (live at the Grammys)
I’m The Only One (Don’t Forget The Lyrics)
I Believe In A Thing Called Love (Don’t Forget The Lyrics)
I Like To Sing (Nick & Aaron on Sesame Street)
I Want You Back (Live)
It doesn’t matter (AJ Live)
It’s Alright (Acapella)
Just Kids (Nick sang during Hang with the Band Event)
Just What I Needed (Nick, Live)
Lean On Me (Acapella)
Manager Of My Dreams (Arthur episode)
Not Like You (Nick, Live)
No Diggity (live cover)
One Last Cry (Brian)
Papa Was A Rolling Stone (live at the Grammys)
Philadelphia Freedom (live with Elton John at the Grammys)
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Howie, Live)
Touch Of Your Hand (written by Brian for Millennium)
True Love (Nick, Live)
Truly (Don’t Forget The Lyrics)
Turn The Page (Nick, Live)
We Didn’t Start The Fire (Don’t Forget The Lyrics)
When I Grow Up To Be a Man (Live)
White Wedding (Nick, Live)
Would You Like to Swing on a Star? (BSB & Tony Bennett) – TB’s Storytellers 1998
Everything(you are) (Brian)
Ain’t With Me (AJ)
How deep is your love (Brian)
Total Eclipse of the heart(Brian & Leighanne)
You Really Got A Hold On Me (live cover)
Cruisin’ (live cover)
Night Visions (AJ, live)
Drunkard’s Prayer (AJ, live cover)
Boots On (AJ, live)
Boy and a Man (AJ, live)
Brick House (AJ)
I Am (AJ)
Saints and Sinners (AJ)
Sorry In Advance (AJ)
Where Can We Go From Here?
Who Do You Love? (Brian)
H.O.L.Y (FGL cover solo)
Razzle Dazzle (Kevin Chicago Musical)
Kevin (On Broadway live cover)
All I Have To Give (With FGL)
As Long As You Love Me (With FGL)
Cruise (With FGL)
Dirt (With FGL)
Everybody (With FGL)
H.O.L.Y. (With FGL)
I Want It That Way (With FGL)
Smooth (With FGL)

If there’s any songs I’m missing please let me know!