Flashback Friday: My Hand, Dumbass

Most of us who’ve been fans since the 90s will know immediately what this week’s Flashback Friday is based on the title alone. But there’s a lot of fans who came after. Fans who came in because of NKOTBSB. Or fans who came in because of older siblings or parents. You also have the fans that became fans during the, as I call it, the sans-Kevin era. (Wait, what? The only BSB they knew before the IAWLT era was Kevin-less? Crazy…) So for them I’ll set the scene. This video was one of many, many shows and bits the Boys did for MTV when they did what was known as Backstreet TV back in 1999. Basically they filled the day with Backstreet specials, Backstreet Boys on TRL, etc. Good times.

It’s definitely one of the most infamous Nickisms and it’s the first time I ever heard Nick curse LOL.  Not to mention it epitomizes how awesome 1999 was when it came to being a Backstreet Boys fan. Enjoy!

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