One Song Can Say It All… (Your BSB Favorites!)


There’s a ton of reasons why you might love certain songs. Sometimes, it can just be because it sounds pretty lyrically. Another might be because you love the melody. Or that song was playing during a happy time in your life, and every time you hear it those memories come flashing back. It reminds you of someone you love or care about. Like I said, tons of reasons why you love a song. Our Backstreet Boys are blessed in the sense they have a HUGE catalog of songs. It’s kind of ridiculous. (By my count in my iTunes, it’s 175 songs? Not counting live covers, or solo projects.) We all have our favorite BSB song. That one song where if we could never hear another BSB song again besides it, we’d survive.

Mine? It’s 10,000 Promises. I’ve adored this song ever since Backstreet’s Back album. Fell in love with it even more when I saw the A Night Out dvd. (Well, back then it was a vhs tape that I later replaced with the dvd.) Why? It’s so haunting. You can really feel the heartbreaking message in the song. The focus is nothing but a simple melody and their shining vocals. That was enough for me. Ironically? Very little Nick, who was by that time my “fave BSB” with Brian. Lots of Brian though. Brian and AJ kill the song. Years later I learned Nick considers it his favorite song they’ve done as a group, which felt kind of crazy. I wasn’t sure I could love the song more than I already did, but then the 2010 cruise happened, the karaoke event… Which leads to a lot of happy memories attached to a really sad song. I about freaked out when they brought back the song during the NKOTBSB tour a year later, and kept it for the IAWLT tour. I can’t get enough of this song. I just can’t. have a lot of BSB songs I consider special but this one still tops after all these years.

So I asked on our TDS twitter what your favorite BSB song was, and why?

Here’s what you said! (Some of you cheated and picked more than one…)



My fave song is 10,000 Promises, cause the way they sing it is so emotional!
– Anna Towie

Overall I’d pick More Than That. When I was in high school I struggled with eating disorders. Hearing the lyrics in this song, coupled with their voices, helped me get through my bad days.
– Amanda (@markham73 )

Songs can help you through good times and bad. For me, two solo songs did that. Falling Down, by Nick and then Gone Without Goodbye from Brian. They helped me cope with my mother’s sudden death. When I saw that reply, it reminded me that you can love a song and consider it a personal fave solely because it became therapy for you. You can love and adore a song for any reason – deep or lighthearted. It doesn’t matter!


Having competed in pageants and having to endure private and onstage interviews I have never had a harder question than to choose my favorite Backstreet Boys song of all time. I have a favorite album but certainly not a favorite song. With that, I had to do some intense research. A few songs popped into my head that I enjoy listening to on repeat but the last thing I wanted to do is be cliche’ and choose the songs everyone already knows. There are a few that popped into my head immediately and that was 10,000 Promises, Safest Place to Hide, and Unsuspecting Afternoon. I’m a sap for their slow stuff because it really showcases their harmonies better.So I choose 3!

10,000 Promises because who can’t relate to being strung along and being treated like crap? Plus that look Brian gives AJ in the A Night Out video did me in.

Safest Place to Hide because I have always wanted a BSB song played at my wedding and since I’m still single there is still time for them to come up with more songs but this one holds first place. I am not getting married anytime soon, lol. I love their voices on this song too and Kevin’s part just gives the right about of soul to send shivers up my spine and burst into tears of love.

Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon is one of the most underrated songs on the most underrated album they have put out. Sometimes, love is blinding and can kill you on the inside, it’s just a very grown up song. Even though Kevin isn’t on this song, the way all their voices blend, I can still hear him.

Honorable mentions are Siberia and Who Do You Love 🙂

-Heather B

Back To Your Heart is my favorite BSB song of all time. When I first heard it, it became my favorite because of the harmonies and the sound of the song. As I got older and heard Kevin talk about the story behind the song, I fell in love with it even more. I’ve never heard a song that’s put me at peace and made me want to cry at the same time the way this one has (except a Michael Jackson song but this is about BSB). I hope I can hear them perform this live one day.
– Rebecca ( @beccakilam91 )


tweet4Like how I got my Co-Moderator on the TDS forums to join in?


Who Do You Love, the harmonies are just beautiful!
– Erika ( @SaneBSBfan98 )

My favourite BSB song of ALL time is… “Incomplete”. Backstreet has millions of great songs. I used to listen to them when I was young. But it never happened to me… like it happened 2005. I got a fan (Yeah, only then!”), I don’t know what exactly I like the most about it. The lyrics, or just how it sounds, but by hearing it for the first time… I already knew this is something special! And I tell you, this was one of the best things what could happen to me. I’m so blessed to be a part of the Backstreet Army, even if this happened a bit later to me.
– Ilze (@catsway )


In the end, our love of the music is what matters. So thank you Boys, for giving us so many songs to play till we wore out our cds, or broke our iPods. We love you and your passion when you perform them. Thank you, for all the memories attached to said songs. We can’t wait for the new album. Mainly because we know that it’ll include more memories for us to cherish and hold dear for years to come.

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