Reasons Why We Love Brian Littrell


I never forgot Brian’s post! A lot’s happened, but I apologize for the delay on this. It was never anything purposeful. Brian was actually my very first “favorite” Backstreet Boy in the early days of my fandom. I could never forget him! No one could! So it’s pretty easy to remember just a few reasons why we love him. Because honestly, I could go on for days…

5. His Goofy and Playful Personality!

His goofiness never fails to make me laugh…
even when I don’t want to smile.
– @believer48

Is Brian EVER serious? It’s debatable. He’s good at looking serious during photoshoots but that’s all I’ve witnessed. He’s always joking around, being silly, finding little ways to entertain himself. (And us!) The other Boys are so used to this it doesn’t faze them any more. But he’ll crack a joke and give that bright smile of his…and really, how can you not smile back?

4. His Boundless Energy!

Another question, does Brian EVER get tired? Cause I doubt it. He’s constantly monkeying around. I mean in that the literal (I almost typed Littrell…ha!) way. He’ll do crazy daredevil backflips on stage that make us think he’s going to break fifty bones and land like it’s nothing. He’ll jump up and grab onto a pole or a rafter and use it to do more flips. The man has to be part…flying monkey. Someone should check his DNA.

(He also might be a little crazy but I like that in a person…)

3. His Voice…

While he might be currently battling muscle tension dyphonia and spasmodic dystonia, when he lets go without a struggle, he really lets go. Brian’s voice at his strongest is a gift. And here’s a video to remind you just how much of a gift it truly is.

And listen to the original version of Shattered on YouTube and the way Brian just goes straight up hallelujah vocals up in that. With a voice like his…just, wow.

2. His Strength

I brought it up slightly in the last reason. We saw a taste of it in the documentary. Brian is facing and has been facing, a very difficult issue given his career. I explain it all in my post about Muscle Tension Dysphonia and Spasmodic Dystonia. But simply put, I have so much respect for how amazing he really is. The struggle he’s faced due to that and how he kept on, as best as he could while trying to heal…I don’t have any more words. Just that Brian, we love you.

1. His Steadfast Beliefs.

This reason may or may not get me in trouble on here given some talk I won’t get into on here. But my own thoughts aside, I have huge respect for someone who stands by their beliefs no matter what they may be. He’s done it in the past. Brian’s talked openly over the years about his faith and how it’s shaped who he is. His beliefs are his. He went to the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade with the group in 2010, knowing it might outcast him in the Christian community and he STOOD BY THAT. That’s not easy, especially when music stores for that genre pulled his album as a result. But he never apologized for it. That says a lot. If he thinks something, and believes it completely, he won’t be pressured into backing down.

Rather than a Bonus Reason this time, Sara from What Happens On The Backstreet says it best…

Thank you Brian, for being so strong!

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