Hey Nick? Happy Birthday


2017 has been a weird year so far, I think.

The weirdest though is the fact that Nick is turning 37. Goodness.

Also, I became a fan almost 21 years ago now. Shit. That’s a long time to be a fan of a group, or anyone. There’s a got to be a good reason beyond, just enjoying the music. Though music is always a major factor with BSB or, Nick solo. When I was a kid, I won’t lie and pretend I didn’t become a fan of Nick’s because he was cute. I totally did. But it’s not why I stayed a fan.

I stayed a fan, because Nick is so freaking passionate. Whether it’s about the group (Nick loves being a Backstreet Boy!), or his fandom (just check his football tweets!), or life itself. Everything, is exciting to Nick Carter. That kind of thing is infectious. That kind of thing can tend to inspire. He loves every project he does and goes nuts trying to make sure everyone is just as damn excited as he is. It’s a fun thing to watch and experience! As a fan, I never get sick of it.

I stayed a fan, because Nick cares so much about the fans. Check out how many times a week he tries to tweet the fans to show his love. Go to a VIP and see how many times he thanks you, just for being a supportive fan. Or a Walker Stalker convention. Our support, the fact we stick around? It means something to him and he tries to show it every way he can. No matter how small a way, he keeps doing what he does cause he wants us to know he appreciates it.

I stayed a fan, because Nick cares what we think. He’s constantly asking our opinions! On set lists, on performances, shows…it doesn’t matter. He cares about our opinions and really wants everything to be the best. And he knows that to make that happen, we should have a say.

I stayed a fan, because Nick isn’t perfect. He falters. He slips up. But like with AJ, that doesn’t matter. It’s the fact he gets back up, admits he screwed up, and keeps going. Cause 2016 was an interesting year for Nick. His past has it’s moments. But that’s okay. He reminds us all that yeah he can struggle at times, but he keeps going. Reminding us that anyone can have their happy ending like he does with Odin and Lauren.

I’ll stay a fan, because Nick is all of this and more. If you’re reading this Nick, you probably don’t realize how you’ve affected your fans over the years…little and big. And that’s okay. It’s the fact you have and you keep doing everything you’ve done that keeps us around. So thank you.

Happy Birthday Nick.

Thank you for being the person you are.

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