#BSBVegas Continues!


There’s been talk, there’s been rumors, there’s been…well Howie spilling the beans when he wasn’t supposed to. But now? It’s official! Our Boys have extended their run to later this year and even into 2018! Yes, I might’ve happy danced. This is exciting, this is huge. This is basically the second best thing to getting a new single out of them (coming by the end of this summer according to the Boys!). I mean it’s not terribly surprising. This residency broke records and I’d like to point out how big of a deal that is. Planet Hollywood never opened up their balcony seats for Britney, JLo, Pitbull…all who had residencies (some longer than others) yet BSB were the ones where the tickets sold so well they had to do it.

So y’all want the details. I get it.

What Are The Show Dates?

November (2017) 8th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 17th, 18th

January (2018) 31st

February (2018) 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 9th 10th, 14th, 16th, 17th


When Do Tickets Go On Sale?

Just like before, the Fan Club gets first shots. (So now is a pretty good time to join if you haven’t already, just saying!) The FC presale begins at 10am PST on the 10th and you’ll get the password in your dashboard by 9:50am.. The seating is the same, the prices will very likely be what they’re running now. So no surprises! We know what to expect. There’s a social presale on the 14th, just use the code “EVERYBODY”.

The general sale isn’t until June 16th at 10am PST!


Just a heads up going into the presale…

  • If tickets run out during the Fan Club Presale, more WILL be made available during the general onsale.
  • If VIP tickets sell out during the pre sale no more will be made available.
  • If VIP upgrades sell out during the pre sale no more will be made available.


What about After Parties?

Nothing has been announced…yet but stay tuned!


What about travel?

Wonderful Union is providing a special for fanclub members! If you click this link you can get 40% off in savings just for being a member of the fanclub! (Another reason to join, really…)

I also have a FAQ post and if you’d like to send in questions, go for it! I’ll once again answer everything and everything I possibly can. As a native, I want the entire BSB Army to feel at home!



If you have any questions about the presales, the residency, or Las Vegas in general please feel free to ask! I’ll answer as best as I can in the comments below.

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