My First Fan Event – #Celebrate38

Two posts in one day? I know, I know. But I needed to get this out.

I did however, have to wait a day to write this. Mainly to let my hype wear off. Cause this was insanely amazing.

Let me back up. I’ve never had a chance to go to one of Nick’s or any really, fan event. Every time one came up I was either too poor or too far to make it work. So when he announced he’d be doing something for his birthday, I won’t lie – I was surprised and thrilled. Mind you, I’ve never once been golfing in my life. But that’s something small I refused to let stop me! First off, we’re brought upstairs where a table of gifts for US were waiting.

As always the Wonderful Union staff had everything organized and got us in quickly. We were able to get some champagne and snacks and to be honest, Top Golf is a pretty neat place. I’d never been despite me living in Las Vegas. It was always one of those places I meant to go to someday but never actually did. Turns out that Nick Carter is a pretty big motivator. Go figure! It wasn’t long before Nick popped up. He was mingling with fans immediately. I’ve never seen anything so laid back – but then again I’d only ever done VIPs, Concerts, and Cruises before now. He was chatting with people, fans were able to give him gifts, you’d think he was just hanging out with us to be honest. And what came in the gift bags, you ask? Let me show you.

How great are those cards? They’re fantastic. Cute, a bit cheesy but while the signature is messy, Nick took the time to sign them! Can’t much better. Plus, free swag.

So…let’s talk about the Boomerangs. I’m pretty limited on social media. Mainly Twitter and Facebook with a dash of Instagram. (I still refuse to do Snap Chat, even for BSB.) I had to look up what they were, I’d seen them before but didn’t know that’s what they were called. Whoever suggested this idea, whether it was Nick or Wonderful Union, it was genius. I have my share of professional pictures taken with Backstreet Boys. Most of us did. This was BEYOND unique and hilarious to execute.

Mine…well, I giggle every time I watch it.

See what I mean?

Rather than sing to him around a cake as planned, Nick felt it was better if he just played games with us. With some, he golfed and perhaps corrected a few fans on their methods. (Nick Carter, saving the golf world one fan at a time?) Others he played ping-pong with and got pretty competitive. It was pretty funny to watch. I wasn’t even playing and I was entertained. And on top of all that, he was taking as many selfies as he could.

Honestly, you couldn’t ask for a better event. I hope he does another. You just don’t get this kind of downtime with your favorite performer. If thirteen year old me had known one day she would have the opportunity to do these things, she would die. Hell, if she knew just how awesome Nick is to his fans, she would die. If she…well, I could keep going. Let’s just say she’d die a thousand times over. So if you couldn’t make it to this event, it’s okay. Tell Nick you want him to do more! He needs to know these things!

So thank you Nick. Thank you for giving us fans a chance to do this. Thank you for making sure every single one of this had the most memorable time possible. Thanks for being so sweet. Please, please, PLEASE do this again.

If you think Nick should do more events like this, please tweet @nickcarter and let him know!

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