Happy 43rd Brian!

It’s that time again! Time to share a little love on a Backstreet Boy’s special day. So Brian I hope you have a day as great as you are, and I hope you that Backstreet, wouldn’t be Backstreet without you. The group wasn’t complete till that fateful day you joined on April 20th, 1993. So…

Happy Birthday Brian!

You Are Strong.

You Are Dedicated.

You Are Energetic (and crazy flexible!).

You Are Silly.

You Are Humble.


You Are A Fighter.

You Are Steadfast.

You Are Inspiring.

Your Life Is A Miracle.

We believe in you Brian! That’s never changed.

One thought on “Happy 43rd Brian!

  1. Brian you were always my favorite Backstreet Boy!!! You are an inspiration. I love how you have kept your Faith and stayed true to yourself no matter what life has thrown at you. You are truly a blessing and I still hope to meet you one day! I hope you have a very Happy Birthday surrounded by family, friends, laughter, and a whole lotta love. 💙 🎂🎁🎉😊😘(Big Hug) 🙂

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