Going Back To “Back To Me” – Howie’s Solo Album


This is a post I’ve wanted to do for awhile. But I kept pushing off cause a lot of things happened. So I’m sorry about the delay. Though in my googling for photos, I realized this album turns SEVEN in November. SEVEN. It’s madness! I really loved the photo I picked. It’s Howie D in a nutshell. This is a person who likes to sing This Is How We Do It.

Okay. Refocusing! The album doesn’t feel like it’s that old, not to me.

I’m not going to lie, growing up I didn’t pay as much attention to poor Howie. I basically took advantage of the idea he’d always be there. Sorry Howie! I wish I had because honestly as I’ve learned over the last say…ten years? He’s pretty damn cool. Late bloomer on the Howie love. Anywho, this album I was excited for because I’m excited for new music from ANY Backstreet Boy. But you know, not on the same level as I had been for Nick or even AJ. But you know even now I play his album pretty often. It’s nothing like I expected. It’s solid.

First off – this is one of the better videos. Sure it’s cheesy but cheesy is WAY better than standing around in a field. (You hear that BSB?)


100 – I mean come on. DANCE BATTLE. IN A LAUNDROMAT. That just wins at life. The only thing that’ll ever beat is if MAYBE Nick one day does a music video involving aliens. Which, I’m sure he hasn’t ruled out. But this is right up there with AJ’s furry video. (I’ll revisit that when I do an album on AJ’s solo album). It’s not my favorite video on the album but it totally sticks in your head after you listen. I’m singing it right now even though it’s three songs later on his album. It’s an earworm.

Lie To Me – This I felt didn’t get enough buzz. I don’t know what happened but, it didn’t and it hurts. Because this is SUCH A GOOD SONG. Like it’s just a sad but gorgeous ballad. Like it’s just so freaking smooth. This should have been the first single I think. Mainly because even today I think it’d fit in well with radio. It’s got that sort of no set trend quality to it. It’s a missed opportunity really. I always felt his songwriting skills really show on this song.



Back To Me – This wasn’t a single. Going Going Gone sort of was? It used footage from his short solo run in South America from when he opened up for Britney Spears. I’m wrecked that he didn’t solo tour. I totally would’ve gone. Anywho, This is actually one of my favorite songs. It just seems like the opposite of what the Album Title was getting at, but the song is a solid bop. It’s like “dark pop” so to speak. Did I invent a term? Oh well. There’s no TV performance of this, obviously, which really sucks. So instead I’ll use a video from the 2013 where Howie sings between drinking shots. Because…that’s how Howie rolls!


Here’s the thing about Howie. He does what he wants. He embraces everything. I really wish we could’ve seen a solo tour cause I think that’s the most telling thing about the Boys when they decide to go solo. At least it was for Nick. (Sort of with Brian, his was a special case.) But this album is so underrated. If you’re a BSB fan who’s never given it a shot, I HIGHLY recommend that you do.

I included this last video for selfish reasons. I was there at this after party and this was just fun in an amazing way to watch in person. Howie and Nick together are awesome!

5 thoughts on “Going Back To “Back To Me” – Howie’s Solo Album

  1. Ok I truly hate myself now. Because I didn’t know Howie had a solo album. But I could see all of those songs being in the radio. Especially the Going, Going, Gone. I could totally dance to that one. 😊 He often is underrated. He gets the least solos and such but he’s such a cutie and an important asset to the band. It just wouldn’t be BSB without Howie. ☺️💙😘

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      1. Yes. Thank you so much for this post and for making me aware. I used to follow everything they did religiously. I have VHS tapes of recorded concerts and TRL moments, etc. but as I’ve got older I’ve not been able to follow as closely. So every time I learn of an Album I Missed (This Is Us) and now Solo albums. 😕 I have Nick’s Now Or Never, and Brian’s Christian Album, it was only a matter of time before some other members followed suit. I’m happy for Howie and I’m definitely going to check the full album out. 😊

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  2. Talk about late-bloomer-I just became a BSB fan at 51!!! And it’s all Howies fault! I was cruising on YouTube and remembered IWITW and decided to reminise and watch early LIVE video to see if they could really sing and not lip sync or auto tune and WOW! When it came to Howies solo I was like WHO IS THAT HANDSOME GUY? (kid,really, it was over 20 years ago!) and I had over 20 years of video, stories, etc to catch up on! Love it and Howie is absolutely awesome, and nice that his artistry is shining through, I like that he is loving life and doing his thing! He doesn’t seem to let the little things phase him and he stays true to himself even if that means not always grabbing the spotlight. He totally balances out the group, and his voice is AWESOME too! Such an inspiration to me!


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