Don’t Call It A Comeback! – The Don’t Go Breaking My Heart video

This would’ve been out sooner but, honestly it’s been insanity. But it’s in the best of ways. I promised Gemma (my co-mod on the TDS forums) that she could blog about the song. So I’m here to talk about the music video. And my feelings. Mainly because there’s a lot. Later tonight I’m going to the SPF show here in Vegas where the Boys will be performing Don’t Go Breaking My Heart for the first time live and I’m literally on a fandom high. Better than booze to be honest. But the show isn’t why I’m riding a high.Like…our Boys? THEY. ARE. BACK.

Now mind you, they obviously never left. Most of us have been on this train since the beginning. We stuck through their lows. I remember when our Top 40 station here in Vegas (98.5 KLUC) refused to play them. But now? They’re promoting them. They’re booked at that station’s radio concert! I heard them on the radio and freaking lost my shit. You know why? Because of the fact they haven’t been on the radio here in Las Vegas (besides “old school” hours where they’d play their 90s hits) since 2005’s Incomplete. I wore a BSB shirt the other day and I had people coming up to me gushing about their residency, about their new song. Everyone is raving about this single. And I got to admit, it’s magic. Maybe that magic is what’s come over the media. Because it’s been nothing but positivity. It’s been blowing up the internet. It feels like 1999, literally!

The thing is, this isn’t a comeback. They never left. But it’s like everyone just opened their eyes and saw that too. It’s blowing my mind.

Just like this video.


First of all – NOT IN A DESERT. Love y’all, but yeah, so glad we got out of the desert.

Second of all, the effects? Fan-freaking-tastic.

Third? We HAVE to talk about the dancing. I cannot. I know Nick had been saying they’d been dancing in this but holy shit. They are unapologetically boyband in this video and it works! Those aren’t outdated moves either. They’re current, they’re on point, and it’s fun! They just go for it completely. And I think that’s my favorite thing.  Everything about this video is BSB yet it’s also very 2018. They manage to somehow fit in what is trendy but without sacrificing even the slightest bit of who they are. So Boys, thank you. This is so much more than I ever could’ve predicted. I don’t know what I was expecting. I can’t remember anymore. But damn. This wasn’t it. It’s a hundred times better.

I’m so proud. Now the world is realizing what we always knew, and it feels incredible.

If you’re somehow missed seeing the video, watch it below!




If you’ve somehow missed buying the single, streaming it, whatever! Check it out here!


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