Cover My World – (Covers We’d Love To See BSB Do…Part Two)

So in case you missed it, which if you follow any of my twitters I’m not sure how. Because admittedly I’ve been tweeting about it a lot. Once you watch however, you can’t blame me! The Boys were over in the UK doing some promo for what they say will be “surprises” in November, and a general way to remind the public there that they’re still going strong. Much like they have been in the US. One of those said appearances was on the Chris Evans (not Captain America) show on BBC 2. Apparently he requires all his musical guests to do a cover? So what did the Boys do?

Backstreet Covered BLACKSTREET. Mind you, Don’t Leave Me would’ve destroyed me. Their cover of No Diggity came damn close.


So it reminded me of an old post I did, three years ago when this blog was still new and I had no idea what I was doing. (Sometimes I still think that.) I feel like we barely touched the surface and it was time revisit some great covers they did and talk about what would BE amazing covers. Because while there’s nothing like Backstreet Boys performing original material, sometimes it’s just amazing to revisit them doing some classics. Don’t you think? I’ll start with a “recent” one to remind you that the Boys still have it.

Cruisin and You Really Got A Hold One Me…2016.



As I have said before repeatedly – I’m an oldies freak. I used to joke with my mom that she was why I was a BSB fan, because she got me hooked on those who came before them, their influences. So seeing them do some straight up motown melodies will never not do things to me. Their cover of Cruisin gave me chills the first time I watched it. As for You Really Got A Hold On Me, I wish I had a studio version of this. As it is, I have an mp3 of this live performance that I play a LOT.

This next one is one of my favorites they’ve ever done. The Beach Boys are such a suitable group for BSB to cover. Both are groups that were focused on vocal harmonies. The things Beach Boys did in terms of harmonic layering are pretty damn legendary (I could talk about Pet Sounds forever but this is a BSB blog, not a Beach Boys blog). So this tribute just blew people away. It’s to me, one of the best performances of their whole career.

I could go on forever but I’m only going to link one more…mainly cause otherwise this post will be nothing but videos. This is one I was blessed enough to see in person back in August at AJ’s country event here in Las Vegas. Now I’m not a country fan, there’s a few rare exceptions but overall it’s simply not my genre. Nothing against it though. But then AJ did his cover of Chris Stapleton’s Drunkard’s Prayer. It grabbed me in a way any truly soulful performance should. In that way AJ has always been amazingly gifted. This is a song that showcases that and lets his voice soar. So I’ll post the video he uploaded, and the live video I took with my phone.


When you see our favorite singers be able to put their own little Backstreet Spin as it were on what are otherwise classic songs, it makes you wonder, what would they do with other songs? So I asked you what you’d like to see. I’m here to talk about what I’d love to see. Maybe someday we’ll be blessed with those things. We’re a pretty damn lucky fandom so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get what we wanted someday.

One thing I noticed pretty much on all the songs chosen? Is that they’re heavy on the harmonies. Which, should be obvious. That’s their biggest strength!

Seriously, the choices were across the board and I kind of loved that. Because it shows just how diverse the fandom really is in the other music we love!

And obviously, we had to make sure we included the Beach Boys.

So what are my choices, you ask? One of them would be Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Could you imagine? Honestly the song came on as I’m writing this post and it clicked in my head that I’d pay pretty damn good money to hear them cover this song. Another one would be Stevie Wonder’s I Was Made To Love Her. I could hear Nick so damn clearly in my head on this song that it hurts. On their radio appearance for Chris Evans, Kevin mentioned The Four Tops and it made me suddenly wish they did a cover of Baby, I Need Your Loving – take a minute to imagine their vocals covering this smooth as silk song. Ugh. And I’m sure you Elvis fans would love to see them sing I Can’t Help Falling In Love. Sigh. I could go on forever, I want them to cover everything. That’s why “Cover My World” is such a fitting title for this post. (That and earlier today when I had this idea? Their unreleased song Color My World was playing.)

Before I go, I’ll leave you with one last cover – this beautiful a capella of End Of The Road.


Is there a song you wish they’d cover that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments of tweet us @thedarksidebsb!

3 thoughts on “Cover My World – (Covers We’d Love To See BSB Do…Part Two)

  1. Back in the early 2000’s I was a huuuuuge Clay Aiken fan. On one of his tours, appropriately called Jukebox Tour, he had a part called Stump The Band where basically fans got to request any song to see if they and he could pull it off. This has been my dream BSB tour ever since. Like, pop a quarter in and sing me this song, boys! But my choices are Acapella Stand By Me. Acappella Silent Night. And I just want to hear AJ sing When A Man Loves A Woman once before I die. Any Motown song. I love when they sing oldies because like you, I’m a sucker for the oldies. 🙂

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  2. Anywhere by 112 (come on, AJ alone would SLAY this,) 6,8,12 from Brian McKnight, Too Hot by Kool and the Gang, Charms and If I Ever Lose this Heaven by the Philosopher Kings


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