Song Spotlight Solos – Grace Of My Life

I haven’t written a Brian post in a little while. This seemed to me, something I wanted to remedy. So what better what than to do my very first Solo Song Spotlight for one of his songs? I’ve toyed with the idea of having a Song Spotlight series for BSB songs and one for their solo work. This way I can swap between the two and focus on not just the great group songs but the many underappreciated solo album songs as well. I’ve pitched the idea before on twitter and you guys were pretty on board, so here we are!

As I always do when I write these things, I have this so song on repeat right now. The first thing I’m struck by when I take a moment to focus and truly listen, is the simplicity of it. It’s one of my favorites off his one and only solo album we’ve gotten from him. If I close my eyes, I could easily picture Brian sitting on a stool with a guitar in his lap singing this soothing melody and strumming away. He’s gazing softly at his wife as he sings it, a single spotlight shining down on him. Pretty heartwarming image, am I right?

The great thing about music is how it can speak to you. It can touch your heart and make you feel things, it can make you imagine things, and maybe put you in the performer’s shoes if only for a moment. Grace of My Life is blessed in how well it does this. Brian has shown several times over the years that he’s a talented songwriter when he chooses to pen his feelings into music. Some examples? That’s What She Said, is probably the most infamous example of him channeling his personal experiences through song. It’s something I’m sure many of us can relate to. Channeling our emotions and feelings through something creatively, it’s what I do with writing.

One thing you can’t doubt as you listen is his love for Leighanne. You can hear it in his voice, you can hear it in the lyrics. You can feel just how he seems to be filled with wonder at the luck he’s been given throughout his lifetime. As the music carries you away in this wonderful soothing journey, his voice shines in the control he uses. There’s no crazy belting that we all know he’s capable of, no tricks. The lack of such doesn’t make it any less beautiful, in fact if anything it’s part of what makes it such a standout song for me.

Tragically there’s no video of him performing this song live. I wish there was. So I’ll leave a link for you to play the song below. Maybe someday he’ll perform it and we’ll be lucky enough to see it. But even if that’s not the case, I’m happy he simply released the song. It’s a beautiful insight to who he is as a person and how he sees the love of his life. So thank you for this song Brian, and hopefully someday you’ll feel comfortable enough to release another solo record as personal as the first.


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