As DNA Hits We Want To Say…We’re Proud Of You BSB

DNA has arrived and while Gemma and I want to do a play by play of sorts to review the album together, we’re still gathering our thoughts.

(It’s coming though.)

But this post isn’t about that. This post is just me being all up in my feelings and hoping you guys feel the same way. Because as I write this I currently have DNA streaming on a loop on Spotify. (Streams are SO important guys.) Trying to stay up till the GMA appearance since I work nights and it’s easier to stay up than get up early (Yes I will regret this later LOL). I’m basking in my fandom. I’m basking in just how amazing everything is right now. The music. The album. The recognition. The attention. All the stars are aligning just right and it’s incredible. And it couldn’t have happened to five more deserving men than Nick, AJ, Howie, Kevin, and Brian. These guys have been busting their asses for twenty five years now. They could’ve just let themselves rest on the fact people could consider them a nostalgia act, a legacy group and leave things at that.

But they didn’t.

When the world wrote them off in 2005, saying there was no room for boybands anymore? They kept at it.

When people made fun of them for still being together rather than breaking up like every other group? They stayed together.

When the media insisted they were “reuniting”? They proved they never left.

When people said they didn’t want Backstreet back? They made them eat their words. 

With this album, with every single and buzz song, they’ve been proving everyone wrong. They are reminding the entire world why they dominated the world to begin with. They’re showing everyone that talent isn’t some fluke. Talent lasts. Talent slays. We’ve seem them go through the very tops of the tops, and the lowest of lows. It’s been a crazy ride. And to hear this record, to hear them blow away every expectation we ever could have had? It’s insane. It’s incredible. This is not just a new album, it’s a new Backstreet. They are revitalized. They are here with something to prove. And they aren’t going to let anyone tell them they can’t. Because they can. They will. Nothing is going to stop them.

So Nick, Kevin, Howie, AJ, and Brian – on behalf of the fandom I want to just say how damn proud we are of you guys. I’m blown away. We all are. This album is everything and more. You guys have worked so hard and it shows. We love you. This album alone is such an accomplishment. Thank you for not letting the world bring you down. We are so excited you’re making everyone see what we’ve seen all along. The wait was more than worth it. We can see in every song, every solo, every lyric just how much you put into this. You sound incredible. This record…I don’t have words for it. I don’t know if any of us do. But we do have words for how much we appreciate everything you’ve done. Everything you do. Everything you’ve created.

Be proud.

We are.


If you haven’t bought/streamed DNA yet what are you doing?!
Click here and get it NOW!


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