More Reasons Why We Love Howie D

Today I’m continuing our little love fest for our five favorite men. I started with Nick Carter, in my efforts to switch up the order from the last time I did this. Now? It’s Howie’s turn. And the thing is, there’s a lot about Howie to appreciate. Like I keep saying, Backstreet just isn’t right unless you have all five men. So let’s take a moment and really remember why we love Howie D as much as we do.



5. His Patience and Positivity

Let’s be honest, a guy who’s been able to deal with Nick’s pranks for over twenty-five years? That’s the patience of a god. Another aspect of this is how he’ll always stop for fans no matter what. Even when he’s fresh off a show and tired, if a fan asks he’ll take that moment to show just how much he appreciates them. He wants the fans to be happy, and he’ll do whatever he can to make that happen. He is a positive light within the group, and it shows.



4. His Sense of Humor

Howie has this sense of humor that took me, personally, years to appreciate. He wisecracks. It’s a very dry humor that once it clicks, you’ll be rolling for ages. He doesn’t mind making fun of himself, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. In short, when he wants to be? Howie is freaking hilarious. He’s got some epic jokes, and some cheesy ones. All of them are great.



3. His Voice, and His Performance

Howie has a very strong voice. When he wants to soar, he can belt with the best of them. He gives his all into every show. He likes to make sure the fans are really enjoying themselves, and he never takes it easy.



2. His Ability to Sleep Anywhere

This is a skill that adult me is really jealous of. He’s known for being able to fall asleep at a moment’s notice. The Boys have joked about it for years and years now. But honestly? Who doesn’t like to sleep? Who wouldn’t want that skill? It’s a god damned superpower.



1. His Role as a Father

Howie is a very proud dad. You can see it on his Instagram stories, or when he’s talking about his sons. His family life is definitely his best life. He’s beyond precious when he’s with his kids and you just know he wants the best life for them. Definitely an amazing reason to love Howie even more.


As always, I know there’s more and feel free to add your reasons below!

We love you for being exactly who you are Howie.

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