Kevin, Sending You ALL the Peace and Love For Your Birthday!

Today, Kevin turns Forty-Eight.

No, I’m not kidding. Not that he looks it at all. In fact I think he just might actually be a vampire and that’s why he played one in a musical  about zombies and vampires. (Seriously, it’s called Bloody Indulgent and it’s the perfect movie this month) Since I have no proof (yet) of this theory, I’ll pretend he’s human and simply immune to aging. Kevin is such a peaceful soul. He is thankful for every moment and every fan. He’s one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. I could go on and on. (In fact I do, in my Open Letter To Kevin, actually.)

As a child I didn’t appreciate Kevin. He was “too old” and I just liked him for the fact he looked out for his “baby brothers” in the group. He was the protector. That’s absolutely true for back then and even today. But he’s so much more! When he left, we all felt it. When he came back? Adult me realized what young me missed out on. This is a guy who will you straight in the eye, tell security to WAIT and make sure you know he’s thankful for the support. That’s just who Kevin is. He is about protecting the planet. He wants to spread peace and love.  Kevin is our guru.

So happy birthday Kevin. We fans hope you’re able to simply relax and live your best life with your friends and family. We hope your birthday is as wonderful as you. Because you’re pretty damn wonderful. We hope you feel the love coming from all around the world for you, because it’s there. We send you all the good vibes we can. Never change Kevin.

Thank you, for being the embodiment of peace and love.
Happy Birthday!

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