This One Goes Out To You – An Open Letter To The Backstreet Boys, From The Fans


In times where there’s been a lot of change, or many things happening…sometimes you need to take a moment just to breathe. A moment to simply look around and appreciate everything. When there is darkness or negativity, I forever believe in finding the light. That’s what this is. This is the last of my open letters to the Backstreet Boys, where I addressed them one by one – followed by one to the group as a whole to simply show them love and appreciation for all they do. Each one will include tweets from you guys, and will be written from the heart. I have written letters to Nick, Kevin, AJ, Brian, and Howie. (To any fans reading this, if you’d like to add to this open letter please comment below! I invite you to share in this love fest.)

This one, goes out to all five.


To the Backstreet Boys,

We’ve been through days of thunder.
Some people say we don’t belong.
They try to pull us under.
But here we stand together,
And a million strong.

Who knew that the lyrics of Everyone would hold true so many years later?

What do I even say to the group that has changed lives around the world. How do I even begin to express all that you’ve done and continue to do? I should say we fans recognize all the sacrifices you’ve made over the years. We’ve seen you at your best and at your worst. We’ve stood by you through everything. I know when I was just a kid, around ten years old listening to We’ve Got It Goin’ On for the first time, I didn’t think that I’d be a fan decades later. I didn’t think I’d make life long friendships as a direct result of listening to your music that fateful day. I never thought I’d meet you. Did any of us? Did any of us even begin to imagine just how far all of this would go?

I never did. None of us did. Not even you.

Music can do so many things. It can heal. It can bring you peace and light. Concerts can be memories that last a lifetime. Music and fandom can inspire you to travel the world, help you meet new people. It can bring you out of a depression. Music can be therapy. You’ve done all of these things Boys. Do you know that? Do you see it? Because we do. And we will never get tired of telling you so. For me personally, in my darkest year, 2012 where I lost so much…you as a group, as individuals, and your music, were my light. You’ve been the light for many. Because you shine.

Some people simply do.

We love you for sharing your struggles, rather than hiding them. We love you for continuing to do what you do. You could’ve easily settled or broken up. Practically every other group or act from the 90’s did. But you strive to do more. You strive to be more. You hold yourself to be more than simply another nostalgia act riding yet another wave. We thank you for that.

We thank you for the family you’ve inadvertently created by being a group. That family you formed as five brothers over the years. That family of fans who have come together when it truly matters. Our love of your music and of you, is what helped form a bond that spans the world over. People who have never met, supporting one another when we are down. Where we share that support, love, and prayer even if we don’t know who they are. Because they’re in that fandom family. Speaking as one who has been on the receiving end of this, it means more than you could imagine. This is because you exist. So thank you. Thank you for being there for us fans in any way you can, whether it’s on stage, a meet and greet, a cruise, or even through twitter. It does so much. More than you can ever understand.

We love you for your passion, your drive, and your dedication. We’ve seen how much you’ve put in to everything you do as a group. You don’t do things simply to do them. You do them because you love it. You do your best in every endeavor because you refuse to accept anything less. Something like that? It shows. It’s one of many reasons why you shine so brightly. So brightly that people may want to tear you down. But that’s the thing, they can’t.

When you’re so strong and so able to thrive no matter what the circumstances are? Others can’t destroy that.

Thank you for the music that has changed lives. Those beautiful and wonderful harmonies that can stop anyone right in their tracks. Timeless songs that will be sung for generations. We will be sharing these albums with our children, someday our grandchildren. We’ll be telling stories about our crazy youth fangirling over that legendary group known as the Backstreet Boys. Because you’ve made your mark on the world. You will continue to do so. Legends live on through their art forever. That’s what you’ll do.

You bring so much joy to the world. You’ve given happiness to so many people. Just for sharing your talents with the world. We know it can be rough being on the road away from your families. We thank you for sacrificing time with them, to give us those moments we’ll remember forever. Thank you for all those wonderful feelings and memories. In all of these things, words fall short in trying to thank you. But try we did. We only hope you see this and maybe understand what this letter is trying to express. Thank you isn’t enough. Nothing is enough.

All any of us can say is thank you, for everything.

This one, it goes out to you.

Thank you for the music and the memories.
Thank you for touching lives all around the world.
Thank you for all the smiles, and the laughter, and all the little things.
We hope you realize all you’ve done and continue to do
We hope that this makes you smile and bring a fraction of the joy you give us,
In doing so, this open letter and tweets below have succeeded in their task.



Let’s get on with the show
Turn the lights down low
You were there from the start
We know who you are
We know who you are
Everyone, everyone, everyone
Said this one goes out to you
We’re standing strong ’cause of what you’ve done
And this one goes out to you

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