Fifteen (or more) Videos To Backstreet Binge On During Backstreet Downtime

It’s that time again…

Where a leg of a tour ends and we have months, MONTHS before the Boys are active as a group again. And while yes we love them and want them to spend some much needed time with their families? Let’s face it, post-concert depression or in this case post-tour depression is absolutely real and we need something to fill that gap! I have y’all covered. Here is a list of easy to find videos right here on the internet compiled in one place for you to binge on until we get more dates announced or until your show date is a bit closer!

1. Festival De Vina 2019

The Boys shine in this performance. I literally have no bad things to say about this show. Basically it’s the closest thing we have to the Vegas Residency on DVD.

2. Grammy Museum Live Stream Q&A

If you haven’t watched this epic piece of hilarity? Please do. It’s everything. You’ll die laughing. Especially when Kevin tells his Ninja Turtle story. If you have watched it, well…you’ll enjoy it again I promise.


3. BSB on Men Strike Back

Not everything on here will be recent videos! This is a pretty good set of performances from them, and with legendary artists such as Sting!

4. Backstreet Over Broadway

Remember the days when MTV was Music TV and would do TV specials for album releases? Good times. This was a TRL special dedicated to BSB’s release for Black and Blue, fresh off their Around The World In 100 Hours stint. Literally fresh off.

5. The 1999 Disney Concert

It’s not a BSB Binge without this gem. This is what gifted us with… It’s a Backstreet Thang! Thanks Nick.

6. Backstreet TV! (1999 NYC)

Yes I need to specify as there’s a 1998 Backstreet TV and a 1999 Backstreet TV Orlando. Ahh, the days when the Boys dominated the media. Nothing like it. Though we’ve come pretty damn close in 2019.

7. Much Music Intimate and Interactive 1998

In honor of Gemma, my TDS co-tweeter, I included something Canadian specific. I discovered this years after this aired since I live in the US but it’s still a freaking gem to watch between the performances and the interview. Reminds me a bit of TRL to be honest.

8. Festival De Vina 1998!

Because we included 2019…we kind of HAVE to include 1998 and see how far they’ve come.

9. Backstreet Stories

You’ll laugh. A lot. Mainly because the Boys were BABIES here. BABIES.

10. London Live 2013

Kevin had just returned and the energy was never better. How was this six years ago? It can’t be.

11. Backstreet Boys Live In Frankfurt

The Boys at their beginnings, it never gets old. Besides it’s neat seeing them sing I Wanna Be With You back then seeing as they brought it back this year for the DNA World Tour.(This list was originally 10 videos and then I kept going. Oops.)

12. NKOTBSB Live at the O2 Arena in London

Witness the NKOTBSB era’s essence captured all in one video and the announcement that Kevin was in fact returning to BSB.

13. BSB Play To Stop Climate Live Session

This was right at the beginning of the This Is Us era and if I remember correctly the very FIRST time they did a televised performance of Undone. A song that by all rights should of been a single. Also, it includes a solid remix of Everybody for this performance too.

14. The Making of We’ve Got It Going On

This is a time capsule from 1995. Literally the home video from Pearlman’s collection after everything got auctioned off. It’s crazy to watch.

15. iHeart Radio Festival 2019

Simply watch, enjoy and bask in the Boys slaying as they have been all throughout 2019. Kevin’s words during the set will get you in your feelings, as he has a habit to do.

New Bonus! Watch the DNA World Tour from home!

Thank goodness for the internet.

Bonus! Solo Binging!

If these aren’t enough here’s five videos of solo content to fill your solo Backstreet cravings… (Disclaimer, I had nothing long for Kevin as the guy hasn’t given us any solo tours yet. Tragic. That said please go purchase The Bloody Indulgent and enjoy a vampire Kevin in a musical setting.)

1. The Nick and Knight Tour

Nick singing Pony. Nick. Carter. Singing. Pony.

That is all.

2. AJ on Billboard Live

AJ showcasing that wonderfully soulful voice of his. There’s nothing not to love here.

3. Howie D performances

I don’t have a tour but this is almost as good. Watch Howie shine as he’s giving you 100. (Random Laundromat dancing for the win!)

4. Nick Carter’s Making The Video – Help Me

I mean, this was the first time Nick went solo. It’s very cute watching Howie give support and watching Nick talk about breaking out on his own for the very first time.

5. Brian Performances

Like Howie, I don’t have a tour but I have enough performances to give your Brian fix some satisfaction. (Particularly his cover of Don’t Take The Girl.)

Mind you, this isn’t ALL you could watch.
There’s a lot more on our TDS BSB Channel and our TDS Nick Channel.
Not to mention the media archive for all the stuff YouTube won’t let me upload.

Happy Binging!

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