186 Thoughts Watching “Backstreet Boys: Around The World” In 2020

It’s that time again! That time where I watch either a TV special or a VHS/DVD and basically comment on it in a now 2020 mindset. Can you believe 2020 hosts the twentieth anniversary of the Black and Blue album? It’s a bit crazy to think about. There was a lot going on during this era and many things that we didn’t even know at the time. Since it is 2020. it felt like the best time to tackle this particular DVD! (I thought about Diary but MTV blocks so much of it online, I was struggling to upload it) So if you have the DVD, pop it in and watch along with me! If you don’t you can easily find it on Amazon.

Let’s go!

1. Okay…I ain’t ready either Nick. But here I am. Also, can we talk about how young they are here? I got this DVD as a birthday gift for my 15th birthday (with a DVD player) and I thought they were getting old. Wow.

2. This idea was absolutely crazy. This made news cause artists didn’t do things like this. They definitely don’t today. What a time.

3. I do appreciate them letting us know what city they’re starting in. Stockholm Sweden?

4. I forgot AJ was sick, he sounds rough in this interview

5. I laugh that they felt the need to show us who was who too for a second. By this point we knew.

6. Press conference, Kevin taking control. “We’re starting this way and working our way across.”

7. AJ’s hair is SOMETHING else. It’s like a blue peacock.

8. The mob scenes on their way out. We’re starting to see that again. Definitely noticed it when they were in Europe for the DNA World Tour

9. Their reactions to the plane are the best.

10. HI! Oh Nick.

11. “Wow, that’s a big plane.” Nick. “Holy COW!” Brian. Just great.

12. Howie forgetting they’re getting photographed and coming in comfy clothes. Everyone else is dressed nice. And then there’s Nick in sweats, just not caring. Yup. That sounds about right.

13. AJ just wants ON the plane. He’s cold okay. Such a mood.

14. I’m not sure what Nick’s doing to the camera but I’m dying because of the randomness. I haven’t watched this in a long time, actually.

15. I love that they wanted to do like the Beatles plane pose.

16. “Be cool. We’re going on a plane. This is the plane. We love the plane.” Nick at twenty, ladies and gentlemen. So eloquent.

17. Does Nick still always step on planes with his right foot? Something I think we need to know.

18. Taking a moment to appreciate how bad ass this plane is. It’s literally a mansion that flies.

19. I wish my flights were this posh.

20. Dear Kevin, please release your home videos.

21. HA! I forgot that AJ calls it a mansion that flies.

22. Anyone remember the contests where fans could fly with them for a leg? Did anyone who reads this win those? Are they still fans?

23. This plane just KEEPS going and going and going…

24. That photo of all of them sleeping together is so cute. Thank you Kevin for taking that.

25. Brian getting a kick out of the Star Trek doors is me. I would’ve NEVER stopped playing with them.

26. Kevin, wanting to see and explore everything, the man never stops appreciating every blessing he gets.

27. What do you do on a fancy plane? Nick does somersaults.

28. OMG a baby JoJo Wright, that’s weird to see. Him being on that trip sparked a friendship that would carry up into present day.

29. WAIT is Nick not wearing pants as they film promotional bits?!

30. I literally had to pause and go back to see.

31. HE IS NOT. They’re filming from the top up so he looks nice there and is like in lounge shorts.

32. Nick is all of us. NO PANTS.

33. I’m still not over this. But I need to move on. Okay, I can un-pause the DVD now.

34. Howie with the long hair. I hated it then. I dig it now.  Weird.

35. I love that Brian is talking about how AJ, him and Nick were wrestling and Kevin had to remind them they were making history. Typical.

36. Take a moment and let their vocals sink in as they get ready to land in Tokyo. Ugh. A capella harmonizing. I will never get enough.

37. The Indiana Jones esque graphic showing they’re landing in Tokyo!

38. I love that Kevin takes the time to thank the pilot.

39. They wanted a Beatles mob SO BAD haha. That’s sweet.

40. Just wait till you get to the entrance of the airport Boys.

41. AJ’s passport photo looks like another person.

42. Wait for it…wait for it…


44. I’m a bad fan, I’d NEVER even as a teenybopper be willing to deal with that kind of crowd. Nope. Nope. Nope.

45. The fans always will miss you Boys. Then and now.

46. Ha! “How do we get out”, well you wanted a crowd!

47. I’m anxious watching this. Imagine trying to survive that mob scene.

48. I love Kevin. He always wants to let fans know he appreciates them showing up. He never stops being thankful.

49. That crowd. Like that’s just scary. I’d be terrified of being squished!

50. Fans following the Boys in taxis. I bet those drivers made BANK. This was pre-uber too. It’s a lot easier to do this now.

51. Brian is forever hyperactive and adorable

52. AJ you have an irrational fear of boats.

53. You definitely get over this by 2010 AJ. Because…cruises.

54. The fans always know where we’re at, 24/7. You’re not wrong Howie. This also hasn’t changed. In fact I think the fandom’s gotten better at it.

55. “They know, they know I smell because I wear the same thing over and over again” – I don’t know about you smelling Nick but you DEFINITELY wear the same clothes over and over. VIP has only made that more obvious because there’s photo evidence!

56. Teriyaki burgers from McDonalds sounds good okay Nick! Don’t complain!

57. “Coming through! We’re Americans we don’t know any different! Trust me, we can’t drive back in the US!  AJ here speaking some truth, haha.

58. This is gonna be a long post, I’m almost at 60 thoughts and dammit we’re still in Tokyo.

59. They made me wear it! Yeah the bandanna was a choice. AJ describes it as a ghetto pirate look. Ooookay…

60. AJ is known for being unique.

61. Everything looks futuristic. Nothing looks normal. AJ is really damn quotable on this DVD.

62. The boat to the boardwalk is smart. Why? Fans can’t get to you. That’s a safe way to do things like this.

63. I love that they’re as far as they can get on their boat trying and failing to throw t-shirts. I mean, A for effort?

64. I never got the crying thing. I never cried at the sight of the Boys. Maybe I might have had I saw them in person before I was 18? The screaming I get.

65. I love that they were so desperate to do something for the fans, they just start singing. When all else fails, that usually will be enough Boys.

66. Okay the dedication of fans getting on boats to try and see them. That’s legit.

67. I kind of appreciate the Japanese performance before the Boys came onto the stage  but I don’t get why? Maybe to entertain the fans there.

68. The fans screaming when Kevin mentions the plane shower, you know what that’s fine. Images and all.

69. I find that I wish US were like this, where they are quiet when they talk and sing. Then when it’s time to cheer to be very loud. That’d be awesome.

70. Can we just get more a capella performances? Obviously we have Breathe now but I would love for more songs to get that treatment. Give us the ear candy!

71. Okay…down to Australia. Which I’m going to go off topic for a moment and give a link in this post for how you can help due to the raging fires going on down there. 

72. Back to it. Awww sleepy Backstreet Boys. How cute.

73. Man, they only rested in the air?

74. Those fans with the cell phones, man what a throwback. Though if I was there I’d be like to hell with my friends haha. (Sorry!) Adult me is more mature than that. Teen me was not.

75. They got a nice solid crowd in Sydney but not as insane as Tokyo.

76. Nick was pretty excited for the hat.

77. Hearing Kevin say G’day does things.

78. “They’re just like normal people!” Well, they ARE. Life hack for anyone that has not met a Backstreet Boy. If you treat them like people and keep your cool, you tend to get better experiences with them. I know that’s the case with me.

79. I love that they stopped the bus for the fans waiting and came down to see them. THIS is the sort of reason why our Boys were and are so great.

80. I wonder if they realize how much this impacts the fans. Moments like this.

81. Fans chasing them in cars again. I’ve never been this extra.

82. AJ is…doing something. Then almost choked.

83. Is AJ trying to speak Aussie slang?

84. Brian is SO dramatic over tree branches

85. Nick almost got taken out. Then almost lost a finger.

86. Bondi Beach looks like a Baywatch video.

87. A Backstreet Brawl! Nick was talking about how the set up almost looked like a brawl. I’d pay to see Backstreet Boys wrestle each other.


89. Why…kiss the camera?

90. Think of the germs!

91. I’m going to go deaf watching this.

92. Those surfboards look awesome. I want one! Do I surf? No.

93. Of course AJ puts the speedo on his no-ass.

94. Annnnnd Nick has his speedo on his head. Okay.

95. Another boat ride. This one looks more posh though. I like the filters they used for this. It makes for a more chill vibe.

96. This reminds me of the cruises actually.

97. Time for a press conference. Man how many do they do on this trip?

98. Kevin hasn’t gotten over how cool the plane is yet. He’s still talking about it.

99.The crowds are getting bigger…and bigger…and DUN DUN DUN

100. Again, anxiety. How do the Boys cope with this?!

101. Too many people. TOO MANY.

102. I wonder how long those up front had been waiting.

103. Wait they waited in the rain?! NOPE. Again I’m a horrible fan.

104. I love them teasing that three of them are single. Can’t do that anymore!

105. Hahaha the bra. Their reaction to getting bras. This was when fans had started getting older.

106. AJ wearing it cracks me up.

107. AJ’s question about the bra is MY question. Do they wear it and then just rip it off? Do they just bring a spare with them?!

108. Nick has now turned the bra into a hat. Okay but WHAT IF the fan had been wearing it?! EW!

109. Remember when Nick getting tattoos was still a newer thing?

110. Nick, you guys singing will make us happy. That’s all we need.

111. Back in the air! AJ complaining about flying on this trip…listen AJ look at the plane you’re in!

112. Okay Brian realizes this.

113. Off to Perth. Kevin flew the plane. Hey Kevin can you come be our pilot? I know plenty who’d ride your plane…

114. WOW that above thought sounds wrong. But I’m leaving it!

115. Hahaha of course when AJ flies the plane it swerved all over.

116. Down to Cape Town, South Africa. A place they’d never been before which I find cool. There’s still places today in 2020 that the Boys have never been to. So if you’re not in one of those places, remember how lucky you are.

117. More sleepy Backstreet!

118. Nick talking about Table Mountain as something where God would chill and eat some breakfast…that’s cute.

119. Howie makes a cute pilot.

120. The infamous “South Africa, You Dildo!” line was in Diary not this DVD, for those looking for it. Must not have been family friendly enough for this.

121. Howie and Nick traipsing down the stairs together is more precious than I can handle.

122. Every Boy gets a nice car and AJ is in the van. Ha-ha.

123. “My little squirrel, Skippy”. Sometimes AJ manages to be more random than me.

124. Man I bet their sense of time was SO WARPED by this point. Mine would be.

125. You’re getting offered seafood and fancy food and you want McDonalds. Of course, AJ.

126. Aww this crowd I can handle. And you have to remember they’ve never been to this country before.

127. Can we talk about their immediate reaction being their wanting to go back and see the fans?!

128. They’re just really good people. Then and now.

129. If this was today there’d be PHONES everywhere for selfies. Not sharpies for autographs.

130. That moment with Nick and Kevin, then AJ…all the Boys bonding. I’m a sucker for it.

131. Bringing a cheetah to a press conference. OKAY. Wow.

132. THAT’S A BIG CAT. Thanks Nick.

133. You know it would be AJ’s luck to have his hand bitten off while petting it.,

134. I love the band playing As Long As You Love Me over and over. They have the right spirit okay!

135. Kevin’s turtle dance is fantastic.

136. Okay you DON’T run up to a moving car and try to hold on. Lord.

137. Off to Rio. To the place where the footage was so wild it became infamous.

138. I want to see something crazy happen now. NICK be careful what you wish for!

140. So far…so controlled. The airport was prepared.

141. This calm won’t last.

142. Nick’s got some moves in that poncho!

143. Annnnnd it begins. LOOK at all the fans just booking it after that bus! I don’t understand. It’s not like you’re going to be able to keep up. It’s not like you’ll make it INSIDE the bus. So why. TELL ME WHY.

144. They’re falling behind and still running!

145. And we’e back to cars chasing them.

146. Fame is weird, I agree with you there AJ.

147. The amount of people outside their hotel is terrifying. TERRIFYING.

148. They’re pounding on the bus too. Like, WHY?!

149. This right here is the difference between fan and FANATIC. These girls on the DVD are FANATICS.

150. I mean this is so dangerous! For the Boys and those fans!

151. You can tell the Boys were scared now.

152. They’re HANGING ON to the back of the bus. You can hear Kevin yelling at the driver not to go fast. Probably because of those girls.

153. It has been a minute since I watched this but Rio was always the part of this trip I remembered. Because this is pure madness.

154. Seriously these people could be hit by cars coming by. Or run over by people.

155. Yeah, Brian I agree. This is scary.

156. CANADA?! CANADA?! Yeah that’s a long way to go.

157. Let them scream! And scream they shall.

158. I’ve been in crowds where girls can’t control themselves and I worry about falling. It’s always scary. I can’t even imagine experiencing something like this.

159. Now picture being the Boys and realizing the door of the bus is on the wrong side, away from the hotel. Talk about an oh shit moment.

160. That ENTIRE street has been filled with people.

161. I feel so sorry for the people working police or security. Thank God they got that girl up.

162. Kevin’s trying to calm people but they were so beyond that.

163. I would be scared beyond reason if I had been the Boys trying to slip through that crowd.

164. I bet they were so damn relieved to be inside.

165. Side note this post has been the most thoughts I’ve had for this series. I blame the Chromebook. I’m writing this in my cozy bed.

166. He’s afraid to use the chapstick!

167. Man, you would think you’d know it would be crazy after what it took to get inside.

168. Look at that sea of people. 48,000 people!?

169. They do a thirty minute show solely because so many showed up. That’s love.

170. Not many groups or singers can make this happen, this sort of madness. Not then, and not now. Legends.

171. Back to New York!

172. And just think, you keep going. The success you have, it goes through it’s ups and downs but the mark you made will stay AJ. 20 years later.

173. Did Kevin ever get his private pilot’s license? I’m curious.

174. Kevin is literally the hippie of BSB. I swear he was born in the wrong time. Peace and love, that’s all he wants.

175. I really love Brian in that black and blue turtleneck. Have I said that yet?

176. AJ is just…done haha.

177. Howie talking about his “transformation”. You have to be pretty for us Howie.

178. The BSB huddle. Something they’ve done for well now, it’ll 27 years this year.

179. We truly have the best fans in the world. You Boys make it easy. It was easy then and it’s easy now.

180. We still care and love your music just as much today as we did then, 2000’s Howie.

181. That is a LOT of people at the NYC Press Conference. Wow.

182, This video of them singing Shape of My Heart in Rio is wonderful. Another time capsule of what was. This is the sort of thing you get chills of, and I love that it turns into a montage video of their trip.

183. This era brought them some tough times, there were things going on that fans didn’t know. All of that is true. But they survived it, and there were definitely some high points. This trip was one of them.

184. Can you believe it’s been almost 20 years?!

185. And it’s only gotten better.

186. As long as we have our fans, we can conquer anything. I have nothing to add to this. I just felt it needed to be in the post.

I hope you enjoyed! I think my next post for this series will be the infamous CBS concert!
Do you have a suggestion? Comment below! 

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