The Best Nickisms Over The Years

Hi there! In turbulent times I find laughter is the best form of medicine!

I’m one of those who come from a family where you pick on those you love. You mess with them and tease them all in good fun. These to me are Nick’s funniest moments whether on social media or in interviews. Sometimes it’s a word screw up and other times it’s just a really random phrase. How do I define a Nickism? Well, I’d say they’re when he says one word but means another, pronounces something in a really odd way, or comes up with the most random phrase known to man. Basically when he says something and I end up laughing. After social media became a thing, we got blessed with even more of these moments. Because it’s Nick…uncensored! (Again if you see this Nick, it’s cause we love you!)

So enjoy this list of Nickisms!


“I resign in Florida” Literally the original Nickism. This shall never ever die. EVER.


“Hell fire funky doodle kittens” I would pay good money to hear Nick yell this in real life.


“Escape goat” I want you guys to know it took me ages to remember where he said this.


“Coking out” Ummm…?


“Doc-u-men-taries” Possibly the most infamous one.


“My eyeball popped out and my cat ate it” Okay. Wait. WHAT?


“Spring Videos” What makes this is AJ making Nick just unable to talk.


“Holy funky balls” Search ‘holy’ and Nick’s handle on Twitter’s advanced search, it’s great.


“That’s a big cat.” The 2000s has some gems. 


“A boy bander said fuck!!” The ‘Don’t tell Brian’ is what made me have to include this.


“I jacked off to a Cindy Crawford poster right there!” Nick just announcing this in public. Okay Nick. 


“Bored Games” Oops! Also… “barley”


“My Hand Dumbass.” A blunt Nick is a fun Nick.


“Gonna do a pole” I suddenly am going to hell. Again.


“Brian’s Got Water Butt” Enough Said.


“You don’t wanna know about sexy time. OKAY” This also features “BOOM BOOM”


“Is that real radio?” AJ is me in this clip.


“Holy talking tacos!” I sincerely want to steal this Nickism for my own life.


“Toddmen and Toddlers” I still giggled when I watched this.


Nick’s really strange turkey metaphor. Howie’s confusion is everyone but Nick.


And finally…

“Freaking beautifully dedicated” Okay I added this one because it’s cute.


You’re one of a kind Nick. Your unique way of seeing the word and of well…saying things never fails to make us all smile. We tease out of love but really, don’t ever change. Your brand of crazy is why we love you.

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