More, Hilarious Reasons Why You Need To Check Out Nick Carter’s PopKidNick Channel

I know, there’s been a lot of posts about Nick and AJ.

Thing is, they’re the active Boys right now. So, that’s just how it is for the moment. Besides, if you haven’t checked in to Nick’s Twitch channel yet, I’m about to show you why you need to. Again. Now that Nick’s done more of these streams, he’s definitely found himself a groove. Because this is not just for people who like video games. Nope. Basically it’s practically become a comedy show. Why? Mainly due to the fact there’s nothing more entertaining than Nick being his random, dorky, quirky self. And I say this as someone who knows she’s just as weird. After a certain point you learn to own it.

So why bother to watch the PopKidNick streams?

I have plenty of reasons, but I chose this time to focus on the funniest ones.

1. Because Nick has no idea what he’s doing in some of these games, and FULLY owns it.

Pretty sure I choked on my drink when this happened. Nick was not okay with the fact the ghost was able to kill him. Sorry Nick! (Well okay, not really cause his dying had us dying)

2. He gets REALLY into them.

RIP my ears though, because I was listening with headphones on. Lesson learned.

3. Because Nick rocks out to his solo albums the exact same way we do at home.

This is me when I have Spotify on as I blog. I’m literally doing it right now to ‘Masquerade’.

4. He acts surprised when fans call him out.

I’m telling you Nick if you stream in your underwear so fans can see, I guarantee you that you’ll get a lot of subscribers! Just telling you the facts here man.

5. He loves Spooky Season to the extreme!

I love that he rocked out. Also he’s why I’ve had ‘Spooky Scary Skeletons’ in my head for the past two damn days when I’d finally gotten the earworm OUT of my head. Thanks Nick.

6. He accidentally plays versions of songs we’ve never heard! (Oops?)

Apparently this was the freaking DEMO to the duet ‘Beautiful Lie’ that he did with Jennifer Paige. Not too upset about hearing him sing the entire song solo. If you’d like to upload this to your fan club Nick, I mean we’d be perfectly okay with that. Really. Go for it. Play unreleased songs on your stream too.

7. He bursts into song (and South Park impressions).

Not sure which was better, the song or him doing Cartman. Loved both.

8. Nick’s attempt at a sexy voice.

I honestly was trying not to giggle the whole time even though he sounded good.

9. When things go…let’s just say “wrong”…

The fandom is still talking about this moment. That’s how freaking crazy and hilarious it was.

10. And finally, the way he reacts when he dies.

Sorry Nick! The best part about these streams is watching you die. We still love you though!

So if you haven’t subscribed to Nick’s PopKidNick channel, please do so. If you can’t afford to subscribe, totally fine, just follow! There’s definitely perks to subscribing though. Right now he hasn’t done subscriber only streams but they are a thing on Twitch and I wouldn’t be surprised if they happen in the future. If you’re confused about Twitch Sara wrote a fantastic FAQ on Nick’s site to help walk you through the ins and outs of it. You want to make sure your notifcations are on for his PopKidNick instagram, his Twitter, and his Twitch channel so you’ll know when he pops up. Because sometimes he does it at random! He also has a facebook page here that you can follow as well. You don’t want to keep missing out on moments like these!

Nick, saving 2020 one crazy stream at a time.

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