122 Thoughts Watching ‘A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys’ in 2021

Annnnnd we’re back! Well, we as in I, Rose. It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these kind of posts but I thought it’d be fun since we have more downtime than I expected. That tends to be when I churn out the posts in these series, during quieter times. And until Nick gives us more updates on his solo work, I definitely have that time! Expect a few posts coming. I asked you guys what I should watch next and someone suggested the A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys and I loved it. I can’t remember the last time I watched this DVD. I might do a special Halloween one next month for Nick or Kevin too since they both have horror movies.

But enough of my rambling, I’ve got the Chromebook ready so let’s have at it!

1. This is one of the few “old school” vhs videos I never owned on VHS. I bought this on DVD for myself with birthday money when I was 16. Yeah it took me till 2002 ro own this. How tragic is that? Got it at a music store at the mall.

2. The cheesiest of DVD intros with photos of them performing.

3. I love this bit where Kevin’s explaining what “unplugged” means.

4. I want to beg BSB to do an unplugged tour. Please and thank you.

5. “A more serious and sentimental” which basically means they’re proving they have substance cause this was 1998.

6. I underestimated Howie’s good looks back in the day. He looks cute here.

7. Obligatory I was blind as a teen to Kevin statement…here. I do one of these in practically every post and with good reason.

8. Is it just Kevin and Howie explaining this? The two oldest? L-O-L that is too funny to me for some reason.

9. “We wanted to show people that we do have true talent and true voices…” You did and still do.

10. What is with this SUPER dramatic black and white insanely close up shots? Who thought that was a good idea?

11. I’m jealous of every fan who got to go.

12. And we have color!

13. I need to punch whoever kept Who Do You Love’ from being released. I mean just listen to this damn song. And they teased it being on an upcoming album too. So what happened?

14. Might need to ask an actual Backstreet Boy someday. I bet Kevin would answer.

15. Give me an album of unreleased songs. The ultimate dream.

16. Their harmonies are my crack.

17. Damn listen to Brian soar.

18. Woah and AJ!

19. They all match. I never did get that. Like why did that matter?

20. AJ…why do you have a fro with red tips. Who told you that was a good idea?

21. Also…why those glasses?

22. Brian literally hasn’t changed his look in over 20 years beyond his hair getting blonder.

23. Speaking of blondes, this was like extreme curtain hair. Look how long it is. And Nick is like, 18 here at best.

24. Oh Nick, As Long As You Love Me stole my heart then and it still does.

25. Why do I still like the extreme curtain hair though? I’m a grown up. I probably shouldn’t.

26. Why is there a rug on the stage? To make us feel cozy?

27. I just realized I’m older now watching this than every single Backstreet Boy in this video and I’m not okay with that.

28. This was twenty-three years ago. The DVD is older than Nick is on here!

29. It’s fine. I’m fine. We’re fine.

30. Let me just pause this while I go buy a walker.

31. Okay. I’m okay. Their harmonies, which are flawless have the ability to heal my pain.

32. 10.000 Promises. I could go on forever about this song. In fact I have on this blog. This song is so simple and heartbreakingly flawless. There’s a reason why it’s my favorite song they’ve ever done.

33. This song should always been done acoustically. Period.

34. Petition to bring the song back again. (Yes I know they did it on the In A World Like This Tour. I want it anyway)

35. God, AJ’s voice gives this song so much soul.

36. Each of their shirts is a different color under their jackets and it reminds me of power rangers. Is it morphing time?

37. Or maybe it’s a Captain Planet kind of thing…

38. If you’re a Gen Z fan reading this please google the above (I know Power Rangers is still a thing but the 90’s version) and you’ll probably laugh. I hope.

39. Solo time. I always liked this cause each of them can show off. I know we can’t have that anymore, because…well we all know why. But it’s still nice.

40. Every time I see a That’s What She Said shirt, I think of this song instead of the joke because of this DVD. Backstreet Brain y’all.

41. Four songs in and I’m already at 40 thoughts. Geeze.

42. At least this song got released.

43. Where Can We Go From Here…”y’all don’t know this one but you will.” LIES BRIAN. THESE ARE LIES!

44. Justice for Where Can We Go From Here!

45. I wonder if the studio version of this song that never got released – and yes it does exist – was only Brian on the leads, or not?

46. We’ll never know and that makes me sad.

47. Brian literally sounds perfect here. His voice was always something special.

48. Lay Down Beside Me. Ha I remember singing this having no idea what it meant.

49. AJ is so suited for rnb, that it’s criminal we haven’t gotten a solo album in that genre yet.

50. This is the kind of song that just seduces you.

51. Like part of me misses the stage humping but done like this really does give the song something extra.

52. AJ coming in with the hallelujah vocals. Sing it AJ!

53. You know what’d be funny is for them to redo this whole show in 2023 after the DNA Tour because I have faith one day it’ll actually be finished. Could you imagine?

54. Oh Heaven In Your Eyes. Nick sounds really good here but admittedly modern day Nick sounds even better.

55. There’s definitely a reason the altered I Need You Tonight is a standout for most Nick fans though. Live, it’s incredible. 

56. I do wonder why they changed the song for Millennium. It’s just fine. 

57. One of the first instances of Nick doing his neverending vocals was when performing this song. 

58. Nick, hey do you need air? Are you human?

59. How does he do that for so long without air?

60. His range even back in 1998 was so solid. 

61. Aww Howie, talking about how each of them gets to shine. He and Kevin really deserved more of a spotlight back then. 

62. Kevin’s part is beautiful but I do wish he’d sung something for his part. I always enjoyed watching him talk about the music though.

63. “I play tambourine”! Oh Howie…

64. Okay My Heart Stays With You is cute but I do think he deserved a better solo song. 

65. This is reminding me about an old post idea I had about their beginnings and how Howie was the original lead vocalist. 

66. I can see why in moments like this. His voice is good and used properly he can really belt it out. 

67. Holding that rose he’s reminding me of The Bachelor. 

68. “We’re always looking for that special someone…” aww. Glad to say they all seemed to find it. 

69. I wonder if that Jenette girl he’s singing to is still a fan? 

70. If that was me, I’d be dying. Especially back then.

71. And he gave kisses with the rose? Yup, I’d be dead. How is she not dead?

72. This melody is so damn pretty. You can tell Kevin always cared so much about the craft even back then. 

73. We’re cheated out of hearing his voice though, which, depressing. 

74. I actually have this instrumental on my phone for when I need to clear my head. It makes me zen and watching it now is doing the same thing.

75. Which really suits given that Kevin is definitely our Peace and Love Backstreet Boy.

76. I should make that a shirt. Peace, Love, and Backstreet. (Might actually do that)

77. This is also reminding me how I never want Kevin to leave again. Every group needs a Kevin. (Another possible shirt, ha!)

78. Kevin can you just play lullabies for us on IG live every night? Cause this is making me think that’s a good idea. 

79. Like A Child. This song needs to be brought back. It’s like the little sister to 10,000 Promises. Different but just as pretty. 

80. I love the old school microphones. Though are they any different or better than modern ones in this case? Someone let me know who’s actually knowledgeable on this sort of thing. 

81. Maybe it’s just for the vibe.

82. Why is AJ standing when everyone else is sitting?

83. Stop being a rebel AJ!

84. Maybe he wants to feel taller?

85. I forgot that literally every Backstreet Boy wore earrings back then. 

86. This song just sounds so good live. Why don’t they bring it back? Or do a Deep Cuts tour? (Might need to do a post about that idea…)

87. Literally EVERY Boy is sitting but you AJ and it’s bugging me for some reason. 

88. You can always tell Brian is really into it when his eyes are shut. 

89. Another sign of how old this is? I Want It That Way isn’t on the list. 

90. All I Have To Give acoustically is only second to All I Have To Give acapella. 

91. AJ is finally sitting, yay!

92. I love that Howie does the motions for listening as he sings his part. 

93. Nevermind, AJ is standing again. Can he not sing sitting?

94. You can tell he really wants to dance too. 

95. To this day they still do the same arrangement for the breakdown on this song. I kind of love that. Why fix what isn’t broken?

96. I wonder how well Nick can see given that half his face is covered with hair. 

97. Wait no Nick’s…”tooo you” at the end? I feel cheated. 

98. Cheated I say!

99. Okay, I’d be here for them bringing back If I Don’t Have You too. 

100. This is one of those songs you forget about for no reason beyond the fact they have so damn many, but when you hear it you’re like…”Damn I love this song”! Because that’s me right now. 

101. I legitimately might go look it up on my BSB playlist after this.

102. You know this mashup blends perfectly and it’d give something different to I’ll Never Break Your Heart. For real Boys, if somehow you clicked on this AND you read this far, bring this song mashup back! It’s so good. 

103. Quit Playing Games, the only song sung more than I Want It That Way in Backstreet History. Yet oddly none of us get sick of this one. Weird how that is. 

104. Listen to the crowd’s screams too. You can tell this is what they wanted.

105. I can’t imagine this song being just Brian. Like obviously it was originally. I know that.

106. But I think it goes better with it being Nick and Brian. 

107. Blame my inner child who was a sucker for Frick and Frack.

108. Shake it Kevin!  

109. I love Kevin’s little random dances.

110. They’re right up there with Nick’s on my ‘little things that give me joy’ list. 

111. I dig a funkified version of Quit Playing Games, can we get this live now?

112. Let’s Have a Parrrrrrty which might be the cheesiest song in Backstreet History and yes I’m including If You Want It To Be Good Girl Get Yourself a Bad Boy

113. And we went to black and white dramatics again. Why? 

114. I normally like the behind the scenes bits but also, let’s go back to them singing it on stage.

115. We got shafted on an actual acoustic performance of it and I feel cheated again.

116. Cheated. Cheated!

117. This is sweet, seeing the appreciation Kevin’s always had for everyone. So great.

118. Oh My God I legitimately forgot this was when they’d do previews of music videos as teases. I used to wonder why this version of All I Have To Give had them lying down dancing in water. So weird.  

119. Wait is it the entire music video? 

120. It is! For that and ‘ll Never Break Your Heart

121. Anyway, that about wraps it up! Great show, but too short. 

122. Hey Backstreet let’s do this again someday. Signed, your fans.

Let me know what DVD or TV special you guys want me watching and reacting to next! I’m always open to suggestions!


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