Fandom Life In A Time Without Backstreet

So I do and will have other posts coming. They kind of got delayed because well? Real life got in the way. But as we come to the end of the year, I see tweets and I see comments, or I hear them. And you know, they make sense to me. Even if I don’t feel that way myself. Where people feel like they’re drifting away because the Boys as a group haven’t been around since covid came and changed everything.

And this isn’t to shame those people. Because like I said, I understand. Without the Boys being active musically, without concerts, without appearances? It’s easier to move on to something new. It can happen, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m not attacking the Boys, either. The world changed and everyone coped differently. While yes, Nick and AJ have been pretty active off and on in various projects and we’ve loved them? For many it’s just not the same as all five. It doesn’t have that same magic.

I want you to know that if you’re feeling it might be time to step back, or to check out something new, it’s okay. While I’ve absolutely been blessed with the fact everything Nick’s done has been either in Las Vegas where I live, or an hour’s flight at most away…there’s times where I just sigh and really miss my Boys as a group. Especially when I remember how the Christmas album and residency were, and then suddenly weren’t. Don’t get me wrong, y’all have no idea how grateful I’ve been for Nick this year. Bless him.

However I’ve always said BSB as a whole own my heart first and that’s true. So being this long without them, the longest we’ve had to deal with this since the hiatus? That sort of thing can get to you as a fan. It did to me. And it’s definitely shown in my blogging. I’ve done less posts this year than I have in years, even when you look at both this one and my Forever Rebel blog. Hell throw in the random content I’ve done for my TikTok channel, and it’s still considerably less.

When I miss them most, though? I look through old concert videos from the residency, or I go pull up their Argentina DNA show on YouTube. I look up videos from performances over the past couple of decades, or I go watch the documentary. I remind myself why I love the Boys, why I keep sticking around. You know? But it’s also okay to take those breaks. It’s okay to say…you know, maybe for right now this isn’t the right space for me.

You can always come back. Maybe when things are more active. Maybe when your’re in a better headspace for it. As much as I love the fandom, and absolutely consider it a family – we can be a bit dysfunctional. But it’ll still be there if you decide to come back. Because I do believe things will eventually be back full force. I firmly believe that BSB as a whole will tour again. I have faith we’ll see a Christmas album before we die of old age. (I refuse to predict when however.).

For me, BSB whether it’s as a group or solo members, they’re my safe space. Especially now. In a year that has seen me at my lowest, it’s helped me regain my footing once again. But when fandom stops being fun, if it’s getting depressing, then please do what makes you happy. Even if that means leaving. Do what’s best for you.

Hell this year has seen me watching NSYNC members perform (okay albiet with Nick, AJ or both) and using 98 Degrees as my backup boyband. (Who I always loved, just not to the level of Backstreet.) Because to me, there’s nothing better than being in a crowd full of fans all there for the same reason all singing along to the songs you love. And I have faith that it’ll happen again with the group. Maybe I’m too hopeful but I don’t think so. Ideally next year will be the year that the tour gets back on track. When it does, you bet I’ll be there.

Until then, I’ll find my ways to deal. And you’ll find yours.

Whatever you do, just know it’s okay.


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