My Love Is All, I Have To Give… The Joy We Find In Backstreet

Earlier this week, after seeing a tweet from a friend of mine about a photo capturing just how happy she was at a BSB event, I got inspired. In fact it made me think of that photo above that my friend Leena sent me, (who happens to be our resident BSB journalist). She took it and noticed my face and knew I needed to see it. Because it’s just you know, me looking so happy. Goofy, but just living my best damn life.

I loved Maura’s damn tweet so much. Because when it’s all said and done, being in a fandom is about the joy. I replied to her saying I should tweet on the TDS twitter asking fans to send photos or stories. To really have everything digging into their own pockets of memory. And man did you guys reply in kind.

Often, I think it’s easy for the Boys not to realize just how deeply they’ve touched all of us you know? I know they love their fans. I know they appreciate us. But I don’t know if they truly know how much happiness their just existence gives. The way they’ll joke around with us, sing to us, or in some cases, remember us. You know? It’s so small in a way…yet these are things we won’t forget. Because to the rest of us, those moments? They’re everything.

Some of you shared stories.

Which is just as good, because often times those moments don’t get captured on camera. Like this moment I tweeted about last year in September.

I don’t expect a lot. I just am appreciative for all that we already get. Because if you can just get an incredible performance and maybe a kind moment, or a BSB holding your hand, whatever it is…that’s plenty. But they always strive to go above and beyond whenever it’s possible.

Seeing my co-tweeter on TDS, Gemma…her tweets tonight after not seeing BSB live and in person since 2014? Are just another example. Because we’re all fans, and we all fan differently. But it’s all just happiness in the end. I love it so much. I loved seeing all these tweets because all of them had me smiling. Knowing that they do this for somany of us.

Like…how lucky are we to have them still?!

It’s just so beautiful seeing all those tweets filled with light and love. Love for the friends we’ve made because of this fandom. Love for the music. Love for the Boys. The Boys’ love for each other, the love of what they do, and the love they have for us, their fans.

And I wanted to do this post, not just to remind all of us that this is why we’re still here but as a thank you. These Boys are on the road and I know touring can get tiring. It can’t be easy being away from their families for stretches of time even if this is what they love to do. And I really wanted to show them exactly how much they mean to us. In a way it’s beyond any words I could type on here so thank all of you for your words in this case. For your photos and memories.

Boys you give us music, and incredible performances yes. But you also give us these moments that linger on long after the show is over. Friendships with people we never would;ve met otherwise without having been a fan of you. I used to wonder why people would do more than two shows a tour. (Really. I know it’s hard to believe now.) But I get it now. It’s because I want to see new places and this is a great excuse. Each time is different because it’s with different friends, all there for the same reason, experiencing those shows with people you’ve come to love all because you’re in the same fandom.

It’s a beautiful thing.

I know for me personally, I know I have five girls I see practically every other weekend here in Vegas. And while we do non-BSB stuff now. It’s BSB who brought us together. I have one of my favorite people up in Canada, others over in Illinois, Florida, the midwest, overseas, all over. Friends who I consider to be my found family in a chaotic world. Five men who came together almost thirty years ago keep gifting us over and over.

And there’s just a magic that can be found in concerts, meet and greets, on cruises…whatever the interaction is. It’s so damn pure.

It means the world to us, and we’ll stay with you. For however long you want to keep going.

Thank you Nick, AJ, Howie, Kevin and Brian. We see you.

Your love may be “all you have to give” but trust us, it’s enough.

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