A Final Farewell to the DNA Era…

The DNA tour is officially over.
It’s weird to think about, really. I know many of us said at one point or another that the tour would never end. At times it felt like it wouldn’t. The DNA era was something unique, an era interrupted. We were hit suddenly by the worldwide pandemic like nothing any of us had ever seen in our lifetimes. I know I wasn’t alone in 2020 I was wondering if tours would come back, if concerts would come back, if anything would ever be the same. This tour was a comforting constant in a world that seemed shaky. The world began to open up again in 2022 and there it was, back again. A celebration of life. Because we’d made it. They made it.
The DNA era was in many ways, magical.
It started with Don’t Go Breaking My Heart taking the world by storm. We were hit with the Boys’ excitement on hearing their song all over radio again, something that admittedly hadn’t happened in years. The album hit number one on the Billboard charts, and they spawned a tour that broke records and kept hitting peak sales in sold out stadiums. People were celebrating them. It was the best time to be a Backstreet Boys fan, we able to be so proudly, without much of the judgement that haunted us years before. It in many ways, felt like 1999.
DNA was a return to glory.
Because of this, it’s a little sad to say goodbye to the era that was their second coming. They deserved nothing less than to be back on top. Watching the world finally recognize them for the legends that they are? Amazing. Seeing them get their tour in countries that never got to see them before? Incredible. It makes our hearts happy to see how far this era has come despite it’s challenges. And given the unique circumstances, it’s hard to believe that the album came out just over four years ago and the first single, five years ago this month. In so many ways it feels like the era just begun yet at the same time felt like it’s been a decade.
But with the end of one era, begins another.
After a well deserved break for the Boys (they have been on tour for two years now), who knows what will be next? Nick’s teased previously on Instagram lives there’s already talks about the next record. And while we may not know now when they’ll start, there’s always more to look forward to. With that comes the excitement and teasers and new debuts of a future record, we get to this all again. How lucky are we to have chosen the group that’s still hungry for more?
So farewell DNA, thank you for every moment and every memory. For the beautiful setlist that celebrated your now thirty year legacy, the energy that was at every show. To the crew who helped it all happen, to Please and Thank You for making VIP and fan events happen, and to the Boys themselves for every song, smile, and show.
We will miss you, but at the same time…
We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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