Flashback Friday: When I Grow Up

So, Flashback Friday.

A lot of blogs do flashbacks but here’s why I thought it might be a good idea to do this once a week. I have a massive amount of videos. It’s actually a little embarrassing how much Backstreet Boys media exists on my computer. Let’s just say they have their own…external home if you catch my drift. Why not share as many as I can with the masses? Spread the joy. Then another problem came up…what video do I start off with? There’s so many choices! I toiled over what video to use. In the end, I decided what better way to go forward than to dig up one of the best vocal performances the Boys have done in the past decade. Yeah decade. This is from ten years ago and that very fact blew my mind.

It’s a favorite of mine. Specifically because I’m a huge Beach Boys fan. So this cover was a dream come true. The Boys themselves said they wanted to go with the more difficult song when they were given a list to choose from. Why? Because the harmonies are so intricate and layered. The effort and skill that normally so effortlessly weave into their songs that often goes unnoticed by the public got noticed here. The performance they did back in 2005 to honor Brian Wilson for the Musicares Foundation was also the last one we saw as a quintet before Kevin took his break. Thus breaking the hearts of the fans everywhere. In essence this is an example of why we were so sad he left, why we were so happy he came back, and why we adore that “sixth voice” we only hear when the five of them blend together.

It’s beautiful. There’s no other words for it, trite as that probably sounds. I could go on and on about the intricate layering of harmonies that they make look so simple here. This is why if they did a cover album of Beach Boys songs I’d most likely die a happy fan. Still, rather than ramble on forever I’ll let you enjoy our Boys singing “When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)”. 

Is there a video you want to see for Flashback Friday? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @TheDarkSideBSB!

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: When I Grow Up

  1. What you say about that sixth voice is so true! Whenever they start to harmonize, the five of them, something magical happens. People often say to me that they really aren’t that special or cannot sing THAT good… But I mean, man, listen to this. Listen to this sixth voice! How can that be so underestimated?

    BTW, I cannot retain myself for making following (stupid) comment:
    This site is called “The dark side of Backstreet” – shouldn’t your caption better be: “Don’t turn ON the lights now?” LMAO 😀 Love ya ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I (Rose) adore that sixth voice and I use this performance as an example to NON-fans all the time.

      LOL okay you have a point about the tag line. I figure it’s cause we’re on the dark side our fandom is the light so…Don’t Turn Out The Lights Now? Yeah honestly it just flowed well LOL.


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