Reasons Why We Need A Camp Backstreet

Did you know…

Thirty Seconds To Mars is having a camping experience with their fans? Yeah, I didn’t either but it’s all here at this Rolling Stone article. Crazy right? Crazy brilliant! It’s all the ups and downs of Summer Camp but with one very noticeable bonus. The band you constantly fangirl over being your camp counselors essentially. Hello? Wonderful Union? We have to get the Boys to make this happen! I know they’re busy. I know between the continuing In A World Like This Tour, the European BSB Cruise, and then having to go and make a new album since the last time we had new music was 2013…they’re extremely busy. And that their wives must be very patient people. Not to mention their kids.

Still I find I must plead, on behalf of the fandom.

Here are ten (of many, many, more) reasons why the fans NEED a Camp Backstreet.


1. Brian would be amazing to have by the campfire.

Who better for sing-alongs than Brian? He’s always got that acoustic guitar and has going all the way back to the That’s What She Said days. He can play us some Welcome Home (You), some old school BSB, some new school BSB, and maybe even some previews on what songs he’s been working on. Not to mention, he’d be able to act out some scary stories very well. He’s so great at his antics and man, I can’t think of a better scenario.


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2. Kevin could lead us on nature hikes.

I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t forgotten the way he confidently led the Boys into the woods in the BSB Documentary. Or the fact he grew up in a camp in the middle of the woods. This would be second nature to Kevin. And while there may not be Lions, or Tigers… (Maybe bears? Oh my!) There are still plenty of animals for major opportunities of nature cuteness from Kevin. Look at the photos of him with the lions! And those are wild beasts mind you. I’m starting to think he’s like the boyband version of Snow White.



3. Arts and Crafts with AJ

Who else would be better? The man is the accessory king of the Backstreet Boys. While we may not have seen his someday jewelry line (yet), he’d be the one to know exactly how to make something new to wear while at camp. Maybe he could make another leopard skin cowboy hat? A hat that will forever stay in this fan’s memory I might add.



4. Howie as the Head Camp Counselor

Let’s be real – Howie is still the financial guru of the Boys. If anyone was to make this a real thing with its own area happening every year, it’d be him. Can’t you just imagine Howie making those cheerful wake up announcements? They’d be a cute (if a little cheesy) way to start the morning. Okay he probably wouldn’t have gone to bed yet but that’s a minor detail!



5. Canoeing with Nick.

Is there really anyone else we could imagine for this? He’s the one who loves boats. He’s also the one where if it was possible to live in the ocean happily while still managing to perform and work, he’d probably do it. I’ve been on the cruises and at the beach parties he races for the ocean first chance he gets. Mobs of fans be damned! At least with canoeing and canoe races (we know he’d want races) he’d have an excuse to be in the lake. Cause I mean, it’s summer camp so there has to be a lake.



6. Capture The Flag with ALL the Boys.

I’ve seen how competitive they can be. I think we all have. Five teams of fans, each with a Backstreet Boy Captain. Winner take all. (All of what? I haven’t decided but we can all agree it’d have to be something really good.) Even watching I feel would make a great day of entertainment. But that’s too easy. I also don’t think any of us could resist any one of them telling us exactly how we were going to beat the other four. Just the thought gets me kind of giddy.



7. Acoustic Concerts

Obviously there needs to be music involved within this whole project. If it happens. (Please Wonderful Union! Get our Boys to make it happen!) But not just any old concert. It should be unique to the others we see them do all over the world. Given the stripped down setting of living in cabins, the concert should be simple too. But as I’ve said before – simple can be beautiful. The acoustic shows they did during the This Is Us era wasn’t enough. Plus we didn’t have Kevin back then! We got a taste during the IAWLT tour but guys, guys; GUYS…imagine a full show like that.



8. No Worries About Seasickness

I love cruising; I’ve been to three out of what will be five. But last cruise one of the events was only half full because half of Group A was dealing with seasickness. The seas had gotten that rough on the first day. Unless someone manages to find poison ivy I feel we’d be a lot less likely to have fans missing due to physical ailments. That’s definitely a plus.



9. It’s The Closest We’d Get To Living Out A Fanfiction

No not the romances where an original female character falls in love with *insert Backstreet Boy here* but the other classic. I’m talking about the bromance stories where the Boys would go off camping in the woods to reconnect or because Kevin thought it’d be fun. Hopefully we don’t live out the full story though. Why? For those who don’t read those stories, well, usually a psychopathic axe murderer shows up or something trying to kill them all off. Then again, it might make for some very protective Backstreet Boys trying to save us all. And Nick is a fan of Friday The 13th.Hmm…



10. Ideally, It Could Be A Week Long Camp

Alright, so Camp Mars is only for a weekend. I challenge the Boys and Wonderful Union to do better. Let’s have it go for a week! Plenty of summer camps are week-long. And man, a full week with the Boys? I’d say it’s a fangirl’s dream. And it gives fans time to do all of the activities and potentially have plenty of time on the ones hosted by their favorite Boy.




So Boys, do us a favor and keep it in mind for us, please?

Do you have any reasons why we need a Camp Backstreet? Add them in the comments or join in the thread at the TDS forum!

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