Seven Must Haves For Nick Carter’s Dead Seven

So as most of you probably know thanks to either The Darkside Forum, or the TDS Twitter that Nick’s Dead West has been renamed to Dead Seven. It makes sense in a way. The plot is described as zombies being used to control this western town till this group of seven bandits come in to save the day. It promises to be pure b-movie gold given that The Asylum (behind the epic Sharknado) has their hands in it and will air on SyFy. I’m pretty much the resident zombie addict of TDS (see my profile pic on my twitter @ForeverRebel for more proof of that), and as such I geeked out. I had to blog about this!

Here’s the basics:

  • Nick is going to try and save the zombie infested town.
  • AJ is the evil villain.
  • Howie is the Latin gunslinger.
  • Joey is the drunk.
  • Lauren is going to be one of the seven bandits.


But what we know? It’s definitely not enough for me! Because it seems like the movie is still in the planning stages, I knew immediately I was going to have to come up with a list of things I think this movie NEEDS to have. Here’s hoping Nick (The Zombie Slayer!) will take these suggestions into account…


1. A Member From Every Major 90’s Boyband Should Be In This Movie

It has to happen. It needs to happen! We already have Joey Fatone signed on! He was even at the panel for Comic Con. How hilarious would it be to see all the major boybands of the 90s represented in this movie by one of their members? Let’s get Drew Lachey from 98 Degrees, one random member from Otown besides the guy named Ashley, recruit someone from Soul Decision (anyone remember them?), the possibilities are endless. Just an FYI, getting 2Ge+her would earn some supreme bonus points from me.

Of course I started this particular post on Thursday night. Little did I know on Friday afternoon Nick would be trending #boybanddead7. So clearly we’re on the same page.

NicktweetsHe happened to go a step further however and try to recruit Paul McCartney. Nick if you recruit one of the biggest musical geniuses in the past century, I will bow down to you. No lie.



snapshot201507110305542. Cowboy Kevin.

While AJ and, Howie, and Joey Fatone are all confirmed to be in this movie, Brian and Kevin aren’t. Nick tweeted yesterday that yes, our favorite Kentucky Cousins are interested but that doesn’t mean it’s for sure. What I think we all want, and what we all need is for Kevin to be riding a horse and talking with a strong southern drawl. He’ll get bonus points again if Kevin is a sharpshooter taking out zombies. Just because. It’s a thing for me. In case you don’t remember our tastes of Cowboy Kev, stare into the pretty that is above, from the More Than That video.



zombienick zombiebrian

3. Backstreet Zombies

I don’t really care who gets bit, as long as one of them is a Backstreet Boy. Nick could get bit for all I care. I just think we need a Backstreet Zombie in our lives. It’d give some literal meaning to the unforgettable lyric “as long as there be music we’ll be coming back again…” Death, that means you. I want visuals showing you need to eliminate music to eliminate our Boys. Not to mention I could crack jokes about how said Backstreet Boy can sing a Song For The Undead instead of the unloved.



4. Walking Dead Cameos.

Alright so this might be nearing obsession for me as I’ve been tweeting Nick pleading for this very thing. But come on! Nick is a fanboy of the show! He went to ComicCon in New York with Kevin during the IAWLT tour and made sure to take pics with both “Hershel” and “Daryl”. And yes I’ve seen him fanboy about The Walking Dead in person, due to some TWD themed cruise shirts my friends and I wore last year. So it’s a win-win all round. Norman Reedus seems like a pretty awesome guy, I’m sure he’d go for it. Could you imagine Andrew Lincoln having a cameo? He could talk in his British voice too. My fandom heart would explode but honestly, I’d die happy.

Good god, make this happen.




5. A Musical Number

I realize if this was a serious zombie flick/horror film this would be completely out of place. You don’t see the cast of The Walking Dead having random musical numbers. You just don’t. But this isn’t going to be a serious movie. First off again, the people behind Sharknado have a hand in this. Secondly, Nick’s brain is too random for that and it’s a major part of why he’s my favorite. Third, with all these Boyband members Nick seems to want in his movie…it’s screaming not for brains, but for a random yet hilarious musical number! I googled it, there’s no zombie line dances yet. Nick here’s your shot! It’d be random and might hit a new demographic.

Okay, the last bit is a stretch. Still it would be epic to see all these boybanders doing a zombie themed line dance. Picture it. I dare you.



6. Howie Being Chased By a Herd of Zombie Horses

I don’t even know why I want this. Or why Howie? It’s like the undead cowboy version of a bull-run. Oh! Maybe that’s why it’s Howie! I’m inspired by the Millennium commercial where he’s doing that running from the bulls thing. He could be screaming “This is Howie do it!” as he flees. Perhaps it doesn’t exactly fit with the whole gunslinger thing, but come on; I think we’d all appreciate the humor. Not to mention the small nod at the commercial from 1999 that Nick forgot about years ago.

Yeah, that’s why I want this. Not because my brain is a scary place. Nope.



7. Joey Fatone Getting Ripped Apart and Eaten.

I’m sorry Joey. I swear it’s nothing personal! You seemed pretty awesome at ComicCon from what I heard during my tweet fest at @TheDarksideBSB on Thursday (in my attempts to keep everyone updated). But I mean, no 90s girl like myself is ever going to forget the NSYNC vs Backstreet Boys rivalry. It’s petty but we all know seeing a NSYNC-er (even a former one) getting eaten by ravenous zombies will satisfy that inner teenybopper in all of us. We only will wish it was Justin Timberlake instead, if that makes you feel any better.


Overall, we can’t wait to see how this movie turns out! Is there something you feel the movie has to have? Comment below or check out the thread about the movie at The DarkSide Forum!

7 thoughts on “Seven Must Haves For Nick Carter’s Dead Seven

  1. Any chance of a Nick and Knight reunion on this film..? At least ONE of the New Kids could probably be roped into this!

    (Praying zombies eat them after they eat Joey.)


  2. I think that Jesse McCartney should be in the movie; he is a great singer and actor. He was nominated for a daytime emmy when he was just 12 so he has both the acting chops. Not to mention he is super hot and was the opening act for bsb in 2013. Tell me what you think yah or nay.


  3. Brian and Kevin need to be in this movie!! Kev has acting cred and Brian can pretty much do anything. Remember those mini movies they did for their This Is Us tour. Plus not having them there when all the others have parts in the movie just doesn’t feel right.


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