BSB On MTV Series: 1998

For many of us, we were introduced to the Backstreet Boys on MTV and our lives were changed forever. Sometimes we forget how far they’ve come. Sometimes we forget how much MTV has changed since the 90s. Sometimes we just really want to get those nostalgic feels. For your viewing pleasure, for the next few weeks…days…months (whatever we feel like, really), we’ll be posting old appearances from the MTV days of yore and we’ll be waiting for your cries of joy and “OH MY! I FORGOT THIS EXISTED!”

You’re welcome.

NOTE: All TRL appearances will be posted at a separate time. We didn’t forget. 🙂

1. Backstreet TV: Part 1 (October 1998)

The sound of Carson Daly and the screams of teenage girls inside MTV studios in Times Square will instantly take you straight back to the 90s when we were rushing home from school to catch the Backstreet Boys on TRL. This appearance was one of the first MAJOR appearances on MTV from the Boys and before all of the Millennium hysteria. The babyfaced boys remind us of how far they’ve come. They were heading into the studio to finish Millennium (not knowing the album would change their lives) and their “major concerts” consisted of a concert on New Year’s Eve. You might also notice that there is no sign of Nick Carter. Why? YOU GUESSED IT. Sick. Our boy’s weak immune system started all the way back then! (Since then, hand sanitizer has been invented. Bless his germy little heart.)

Also, are Brian and Kevin wearing matching sweaters?

2. Backstreet TV: Part 2 – Interview (October 1998)

Brian and AJ are delegated to choose the fans that will dance with the Boys later in the show and teach them the choreography (because they kick dancing’s ass, really and because they didn’t have 3 hours for Kevin to perfect it). Near the end of the video, our theory is proven right when he sees Brian and AJ practicing and comments how sloppy they look. Typical Kevin. (We love it.)

Also, to prove how long ago this video was, let’s talk about the fan questions.

1.) Their answers are so short and G-Rated.

2.) Nick had to put a fence around his FAMILY’S home. Baby Nick Carter still lived at home. We forgot the time when he was still reigned in.

3.) Howie was still randomly funny when you least expected it. “Disney World, Sea World, Nick’s World.” (And man! He’s gotten so much hotter.)

3. Backstreet TV: Part 3 – The Dance (October 1998) 

In the last part of the first video, we watched girls, dressed in their best dance gear from the 90s, competing via television for who has the best dance moves to “As Long As You Love Me”. First of all, WHO dances to ALAYLM unless you’re drunk at a BSB concert in 2014? Those girls should be commended for their efforts alone. Four fans are chosen as the and given the chance to perform the “Everybody” choreography WITH the Boys. This is something we’d STILL die to get a chance to do and we have to wonder where these girls are now.

Also note that early signs of Brian’s I’m-Bored-So-I’ll-Entertain-Myself antics were showing here. He also KILLS those dance moves.

4. Backstreet TV: Part 4 – All I Have To Give (October 1998)

Let’s just say it – The Backstreet Boys stripped down with a live band are the best Backstreet Boys. Their vocals are SO smooth in this video that you’d think they were lip syncing. You’re going to get emotional about it.

5. FANatic : The Backstreet Boys (July 1998)

WHO REMEMBERS FANATIC?! This show made history for SO many fans. Before FANatic, it was nearly impossible to meet anyone big and MTV made it possible. We watched as this girl declared herself the biggest Backstreet Boys fan (and got mad because WE had more stuff and knew more than her…ugh). We watched her ask them questions…by a POOL. We watched them SING to her…and died. What we wouldn’t give to be her in that moment. Plus, can we also talk about their coordinating outfits and their awkward answers?

6. MTV The Grind: As Love As You Love Me (Summer 1998)

Ah, MTV summers. Every summer (or spring break), there was a new destination for MTV and fans to travel to, usually in Florida, to enjoy a myriad of parties, concerts, special editions of TV shows, etc. From 1999 to early 2000s, Backstreet Boys were usually a part of those specials and this was the first. Nick Carter and his floppy hair, Kevin with his arms out, ready to make you drool, AJ with his…ponytail? And goggles? Brian and Howie with their button downs. THIS. IS. THE. 90s. And of course, they sound amazing yet again.

7. MTV The Grind: Everbody (Summer 1998)

At first you’ll be like…WHO ARE THESE BOYS doing BSB choreography and sounding just like them?! No worries. Just baby Backstreet Boys. And you’re going to watch this more than once just to zero in on each of them. Promise.

Keep an eye out the next post because next time, we’ll be partying like it’s 1999. Or posting videos like it is.

Thank you Sara for what will be the first of guest blogs here at TDS for our BSB on MTV series. You’re awesome. – Rose