Brian, You’re Larger Than Life – Sincerely, Your Fans

gallery_main-brian-littrell-backstreet-boys-10062009-05So in a post I did last week, I tackled the formerly taboo subject of Brian’s vocal conditions. I wasn’t sure just what to expect but I was FLOORED by the reactions. Over 600 shares on the internet and the amount of responses when I asked for submissions for this post was a little insane. Brian, I hope you read this. Because we, the fans support you. Your fans love you. We want nothing more than for you to be happy in what you do, and to be healthy.

We hope this will help aid in that.

I’m not alone and here’s only a fraction of the fandom here, to show you their love.


We got emails…

Dear Brian,

Please know that fans here in the Philippines appreciates you and the rest of the boys. I personally continue to pray for your complete healing. I claim as a follower of Jesus this prayer “By the blood of Christ, Brian Littrell is healed!” I love you Brok! Your faith, strength, dedication, honesty, humor and smile inspires me and makes me happy all the time. So, keep the faith and continue to live by this verse that forever stayed in my heart because of you.

“Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.”

God bless you and your entire family Brian.

With love,
Toni (@iamyourtoni)
Manila Philippines

I’m so much thankful that God made a Brian Littrell :). You are one in a million. You taught us so many things and I am so thankful for everything you gave us with your music and with your words. Thank you for being their when we are down. May not be physically but true your music and by simply being Brian. God uses you in so many ways. We love you Brian, always stay the same….


I want Brian to know that he can let go. He’s been holding on so long, trying to make believe that nothing’s wrong, not letting it show. There ain’t nothing he can do to make us turn away from him. Sifting through the shattered dreams, living in the in between. It’s gonna be alright. I admire his strength for sharing with us in the movie, he’s such an inspiration. He’s so joyful despite everything, his goofiness has helped me in my battle with depression. Whenever I’m feeling down I just watch the behind the scenes/bloopers and I’m laughing when I didn’t even want to smile. Thank you Brian for being you. ❤ I’ll be a fan when I’m old and senile.

– @believer48

I just want and need you to know that you got the support of all of us but especially and more importantly, even you got the love of all of us, I believe that everything bad that happens does not matter if you got that. You’re a great person and that in life eventually pays off. Many kisses and hugs from Buenos Aires. We love you!

– Sil

I remember when I first met him NYC 97 at an autograph session and I was so nervous. He asked me my name and I said DEBBIE with a huge smile, and he answered “nice to meet you I’m BRIANNNNN”. After that I felt at ease. In 2005 I met him outside a in Montreal and he was holding Baylee (2 1/2). I asked if I could take a picture, and I waited. He asked “is your camera ok?” I told him “Yes I’m waiting cause you have Baylee.” He told me, “its ok sweetie but thanks for asking!!!” He really has a huge heart and been through so much but keeps going strong. Plus he doesn’t hide stuff from the fans, he’s very honest. His love for Leighanne and Baylee is really amazing and wonderful also doesn’t hide his love for God! I remember once when someone on Instagram called his wife a Nasty word , he let that person know right then and there he wasn’t going to take it lying down and a real man always stick up for his girl !!! I hope one day that I get to have a selfie with him, I’ll always be a Brian Girl!!
– Yours Debra

We got tweets…


We got comments…

  • OMG, I loved how you wrote this post.. and expressed your/our feelings.
    When I watched his problem in the movie I cried a lot..a lot.. then I went to their show here in Chile and I thought “Wow he has an amazing voice and he’s working on it”… When he sang during the concert all the fans sang strongly.. to show him our support. We support and love him anyway… and I proud of being their fan.

  • I always think to myself what would i tell Brian if i had the chance to talk to him for half an hour or so. And what could i possibly say to let him know just how much he means. I never get to any good answers but a hug. Hugshave no words, but maybe, just maybe, it can say more about feelings and love and appreciation than words will ever do. Will always – always – support Brian. No matter what. Because all i wish, From mto heart, is know he’s happy.

  • I shared this on my tumblr, I love how you wrote it, very well put. I think coming out and saying what was wrong in the documentary and after, contributed to him getting better…because all of his conditions are a vicious circle if you’re not only strugging with your voice but struggling to keep the whole thing HIDDEN, which makes you tense, which makes the muscles tense…so you see…vicious cycle. After the documentary I noticed a big change, not only in his voice but his entire attitude. These past couple of years I noticed that he was acting too clownish…mind you he was ALWAYS the clown, but it seemed like he was trying TOO hard to appear cheerful and happy, and that’s a clear sign of depression, people like Robin Williams had it, A vocal condition like Brian’s takes it’s toll on the mind, when not only you’re struggling with something and you want it fixed NOW, and you can’t, and you get frustrated, and you start to think “this is my life, what if I lose it completly?”, and you don’t TALK about it, and you keep it hidden and bottled up, it can get REALLY lonely, and that can lead to depression real fast. I’m glad everything’s out now, cause he’s more relaxed, his singing voice is much better, and his speaking voice too, he was speaking on a higher pitch than normal, that’s where I noticed something was way off. He sometimes still goes back to higher pitch but not as bad as it used to be. He’s a lot happier now, honestly happy, which makes me happy, I saw him live in Buenos Aires, and I held my breath during DWYB cause I wasn’t sure he would be able to hold those long notes, and he did flawlessly, every.single.time. After the song was done we were all cheering his name and I could clearly see through a screen (I was far from where he was), that he was happy and teary, it was a wonderful moment. When he spoke his voice seemed to go for a bit but he sounded great the rest of the show.
    A part of me wishes he had done this sooner, he had come out and say it what was wrong, for his sake, cause I’m sure it would’ve avoided a lot of lonely and stressful times for him, because noone should have to deal with anything alone, but he made a choice, and we respected it and him, I for one never left him, always worried about wether he would get better or not, and now that he is getting better, I couldn’t be happier.


  • What an awesome post!!!
    I must admit I didn’t try to find out more about Brian’s condition just because I was too afraid to do so. Reading this makes me sad for him and scared but also incredibly proud of everything he’s done to get better. I just wish we could’ve known before so we could support him and love him even more!
    I just hope that somehow this article will get to him so he can know, without a question, what we feel and think!
    As you said, I’ve always known he was an amazing person but now I’m pretty sure he just became even more amazing.
    So so proud of him for being so strong and for trying as hard as he could to get better!
    I had the chance to see him and the boys in 5 shows last month and I could see what an awesome singer he is! To me, he never sounded better! When he sings nothing else matters.
    I could not be prouder of him! I love Brian ever more now and I wish I could tell him that, looking is his deep blue eyes!
    B, we will always support you and we will always love you! Thank you for sharing your life with us and for being who u are!

  • You know…
    It was the most beautiful text i’ve ever read about Brian’s issues and being supportive

    I have faith he’s gonna get better every day!
    He’s strong and we’ll stay forever by his side to give him all support he needs!
    Maybe being honest with fans helped out..cause he’s not hiding from everyone so he doesn’t need to think about this thing as a secret. He can be himself and he knows we’re gonna be with him!
    Wish this could have happened earlier…but since not, Im happy he’s getting better!
    Saw him at the cruise in 2013
    Then on the cruise in 2014 and know on tour in 2015!
    Its truly working. Unfortunately, here in Brazil we had a lot of shows…he wasnt able to rest a lot, so the last day was not as good as the first one. But we can notice the difference for sure!

    Brian, we will be by your side! Keep going! We love you! Chirp!!!

  • This is an amazing article! Brian is such an inspiration! I’ve supported him since day 1 and will continue to do so always and forever. I’m privileged to be his fan. ♡

  • Wow…what an amazing post about it!U touched my heart with ur words!
    I hope Brian will read it one day…but I’m sure he does.😉
    I can’t tell how proud I’m to be his fan….Brian inspires me in so many ways with his unstoppable willing to succeed even though it’s going to be a real hard fight to achieve it!
    I’m so thankful for letting us know the truth about his vocal issues and we all know how strong he must be to shout it out to the world!
    Maybe this step helped him a lot and took a little bit of the pressure off him!
    He sounded amazing at the shows and we all were blown away by his heavenly voice again!
    I will always support him,because he does all the same for us and the group!I will stand beside u through the ups and downs and still be ur biggest fan!U simply deserve to be loved by all the Backstreet Boys fans all around the world,because u never gave up even though it’s been hard sometimes!
    Thanks for sticking around with us all these wonderful years!!!!!!

    I thank the lord for sending us a gift like Brian in our lifes!!!!!😇

  • First, thanks to Rose for this excellent article. You used the right words to express what most of us have felt at some point.

    Where can I start…If I admired this guy in the begging, now I really don’t know what words I can use to describe how proud I am of him and how much he has amazed me as an artist and as a person.

    It was impressive, to see how even with the difficulties he was facing, he kept doing live performances. You notice in some presentations when his voice was trailing off. But this setback didn’t stop him, he did not resign, he did not change his live performances for any playback, like any other artist could have done. He continued doing shows, and therapy, and more shows, and a whole tour and you could see the improvement every single day. It definitely couldn’t have been easy for him, but it was, and it STILL is quite amazing.

    Brian, if you ever read this, please know how amazing you are and how grateful we are to have you in our lives. You inspire me and I’m pretty sure you inspire many of us in different ways. Your courage to stand in front of thousands of fans and sing live, when only you know, more than any of us, what you’re going through, is impressive.

    There ain’t no limitations, to be better at something every day.

    I admire you, I have faith in you and I will always support you, no matter what.

    God Bless you always, Brian, and God bless your wife and your family. We know they are the ones who are there giving you the best support you could ever have.

    We ♥ You.

  • You put all the issue about his voice problems in such a wonderful and respectful way!

    He’s gonna get through all of this. Michael Jordan doesn’t need to come back, because he never left!

    Amazing article!

  • Brian!

    Just as you sang it once: I’ll love you forever.. Leaving you I’ll never!

  • No matter what happens to his voice, I mean, if he recovers or not, he’ll aways be our Backstreet Boy Brian. And everytime he opens his mouth to sing he’ll sound like an angel, exactly like the very first time we heard him. We love you forever, Bee!

  • I will always love and support this herd working man and I believe in him stay strong I love u Brian.

  • Brian I am extraordinarly proud of you. You are a fighter, you are my role model, kind sweet, hilarious. I will always stand by you no matter what. 😙😙😙 I love you always.

  • Brian always makes us laugh even if he’s in difficulties. For the last couple of years, I noticed that something was wrong, but I thought it wasn’t a big problem because Brian looked cheerful and was always goofing. Now, I can say it was completely my misunderstanding. I’m ashamed of myself. He was suffering, but he was just acting like nothing was wrong. Probably he didn’t want fans to worry. After he opened his disease, I was shocked, because he experienced heart disease in the past and had just overcome it. Why does he have to suffer so many times? But I know it can’t be helped. He seems to accept it now, so we need to accept it, too. Also, I learned that I shouldn’t judge Brian’s feelings just by his outward appearances. I mean we have to remind that he tends to hide his true feelings and act cheerfully. But, yeah, he’s strong. The person who can be gentle to others when he/she is not in good times is strong. I support him whenever he is.

    We always love you Brian!❤️

  • Thanks for this great post !

    While I was reading, there was a song that was coming to my mind :
    “All you people can’t you see, how your love affecting our reality / Everytime we’re down, you can make it right and that makes you larger than life” 🙂

    16 years later and it’s still right !

    Brian, we’re proud of you. We’ll always support you. We love you !

  • I write on behalf of myself and my sis @lola_noname

    First, we wanna thank from the bottom of our hearts the person who wrote this post for describing perfectly how we think and how we feel. Tears were shed when we read it through.

    We are very emotional when it comes to Brian and his struggles, we sympathize with everything that he goes through. We’ve watched BSB Movie over 16 times and every time it breaks our hearts, and at the same time it makes us incredibly proud to be Backstreet soldiers. We are indescribably proud of Brian for coming clean about his issues with his voice, we understand it was a tough thing to do. But that’s Brian, he overcomes everything, come what may. The way he always kept performing no matter what he was going through, he always went on stage and gave his 100%, is just remarkable and so respectable and amazing and he couldn’t possibly make us more proud of him. Not everyone could’ve done what he’s done. His strength, his soul, his faith, his spirit, everything about him…

    Brian, if you read this… There are not enough words in the universe to even begin to tell you how proud of you we are, how much we respect you and love you. You have helped us through tough times, you have made us smile when life was too hard, and we want you to know that whatever happens we are always here for you, we have your back, you will always have our endless support and unconditional love.

    Here’s a little video we made. Brian, you are our biggest inspiration in life. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being you. We hope you see the video.

    Here’s the link:

    Love from Finland

    ps, feel free to share the video ^^

  • WOW I love, support and totally agree with what u wrote. As a 20 yr fan of BSB and my favorite guy being the Angelic Voiced Brian himself. I feel blessed he trusted us enough to share his pain and fears with us. It makes us want to support and protect him from all of this issue. We love you Brian, not only for your voice but have grown to love you for the Man, Christian, Husband, Father, and personal that u are. You are an inspiration and my personal hero. Love ALWAYS @piepper


The summary of everything so far is this: Brian you’re amazing. I’ve said it in my last post and I’ll say it again. With everything you’ve had to face, it’s simply incredible you keep such a positive attitude towards life and such a strong faith. We don’t know how you do it. We’re simply thankful you do. Your fans will keep on supporting you through it and we’ll cheer for every triumph that follows. Why?

As Nick infamously said once… It’s a Backstreet Thing.

We won’t let go.

Did you miss the deadline to submit your support for Brian? That’s okay! Comment below so that if Brian reads the post, he’ll still see your love! ❤

4 thoughts on “Brian, You’re Larger Than Life – Sincerely, Your Fans

  1. Hello Brian I am sending you all my love and support! You are such an amazing person and such an inspiration to me and has helped me through so much in my life. You are a strong! Never give up and just keep pushing through! We are here to support you in everything possible! ❤


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