Flashback Friday: The Backstreet Boys on ONTAMA

So back during the two album Kevin-less era we got some interesting promotional time. The Boys got more relaxed and joked around a lot more. We wrongly attributed this to Kevin back then. (Sorry Kevin!) I say wrongly because Kevin is laid back and hilarious. So obviously it wasn’t because he left. Anyways, just because the Boys sometimes ignore the Kevin-less years, doesn’t mean we will. Those years weren’t perfect but they were still fun! Like the videos below. They were filmed in late 2009 on a show in Japan. The translations for the questions asked  are in the video descriptions for your convenience.

Honestly they’re worth watching solely to see Brian say “asswasher” LOL. Not to mention Nick is pretty freaking gorgeous in these. I know, I know, I’m biased…but look at him! Okay, enough of me sitting here and thinking about pretty Nick. This blog isn’t The Dark Side of Nick Carter after all. Enjoy the videos!



Is there a video you’d like to see for Flashback Friday? Comment and let us know!

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