Darkside Exclusive – The Lost Videos: City Jam


So I should just start with the fact that at our TDS Forum, we have some pretty amazing fans. One of them, Hayley (known as @smeagols_twin on twitter and on the forum) managed to get her hands on the Lost Videos. I’m sure you’ve seen that overpriced DVD on amazon. No one was sharing though we all sort of knew some people had bought it. There were the advertised teasers but that’s about all we had. So she bought them and then not only told us about them, she uploaded them onto the TDS Forum as a Darkside Exclusive.

They’re not what I would call widespread in the fandom. I’m almost positive a lot of fans don’t know these exist. But hell, maybe you do. I figure we all enjoy watching them anyway. So this will be the first in the Lost Videos series where we sort of look back at these videos, many home movies…and just enjoy how much as changed since those days. They’re really something to watch. Some are bits of concerts, some are tv shows, others are home movies. The DVD these came from took the videos straight off video tapes in Lou Pearlman’s video collection.

So see, the fat bastard getting arrested did do the Backstreet Army (or as I still prefer to call us, the BSB CIA) some good. Beyond forming the band we love and adore of course.

For the first one, I decided to go light. This one is a recording of a show called City Jam and while it’s labelled 94/95 I’m using Nick to guess more 1995. First off, he’s about Brian’s height, and he just sounds a little older. I could be wrong but I think that’s 15 year old Nick. They’re performing I Got To Get It and from what you can see, it’s some sort of teen dance show. There were tons back then. I kind of miss it, to be honest.

There’s a lot of great things in this video…

snapshot20150723022748But do you know where my focus is? Brian.

snapshot20150723022628I mean, just look at him!

snapshot20150723022836Brian is just…so young here. It’s not a bad thing but it’s not something I’m used to. I mean it’s been so many years and I’ve grown up with the Boys too. You forget what they might’ve been like back in the day. Look at Brian grooving with two different girls! And the clothes, baggy shorts, backwards hat, baggy shirt…

Mmm…Sorry, getting distracted here!

It’s all very 90s and it’s glorious. The whole performance is. Whether it’s the dance moves or Howie yelling “Jump Around!” (as in the song for those who may not have been old enough to remember, or born yet…Wow I just made myself feel old!) The whole video will take you back to a simpler time before iPods, before smart phones, and even before Backstreet as we know them today. A time that I feel that many of us still miss.

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