The Lost Videos: A Dance Rehearsal On A Very Important Day

snapshot20150726104001Sara at What Happens On The Backstreet informed me yesterday was National Dancing Day. I’m a day late cause I fail, so oops! But it is what had me choose this video here today. It’s seventeen minutes of a dance rehearsal from 1993. But there’s a lot more to it than that. You know why?

Well…take a minute and look at the date of the video.

Yup, April 20th 1993. Note there are only four of them in the video – Howie, AJ, Nick and Kevin. There’s a lot to speculate on because of that. It’s late in the afternoon so the call to Brian has already been made, given that he was in school when it happened. Do they realize that they have found their fifth member for good? Do they know how much their lives are about to change? Who knows. But you do know one thing, they don’t know how special this day is going to become. Not yet.

But they will.

That’s why this video is really special. It’s the first of the group with the Backstreet we know today. Brian may not be in it but we know he’s been given the call (that changed his destiny…). I do wish they had mics so we could hear them sing in this video. But at the same time their cheesy dance moves back then are pretty entertaining. I’m just thankful Brian does join the group. The group we love wouldn’t be the same without him.

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