Five Reasons Why Kevin Is Really A Jedi Knight


With Star Wars coming out with a new movie to the series this year, (gotta admit, I’m super excited for it) I realized something. Kevin is a Jedi! Hear me out, I’m not crazy! Think about it and I think you’ll see where I’m coming from. If not, well…

Here is why I know Kevin is in fact, a freaking Jedi.

1. A Jedi is duty bound to be a guardian of peace and justice in the galaxy. They are protectors of planets and of people.

Kevin is all about saving the Earth! If Howie is Sleepy Backstreet, then Kevin is Nature Backstreet. He also always tries his best to look out for the fans. If he wasn’t a Jedi I’d say he’s really Captain Planet. But, I mean, he’s just doing what he swore he’d do when he finished his training.


the eyes2. He’s able to Jedi-Mind-Trick you.

You know how if you meet him in person…his eyes just stare into you? You know how you end up blank and hypnotized feeling? It’s not that he’s putting you into a trance. He’s simply pulling a Jedi Mind Trick. We’re all weak minded around Backstreet Boys, lets be real.


1546262_797443186934045_1548725734355711443_n 3. He has his own Padawan – Nick Carter.

Think about it. He’s watched over Nick and trained him from a very young age. Sure Nick flirted with the Dark Side for a little bit. (Yeah, pretty sure Paris Hilton is really a Sith…). And if you’ve watched say the When I Grow Up performance, you’ll see Nick and Kevin doing the same hand movements. I’m not even kidding, it’s towards the end. It’s CRAZY. Both are the most technical in the group too when it comes to sorting out their harmonies. Nick has learned well.

snapshot20150730043710 snapshot20150730043621

4. He’s a bad ass when necessary.

Not sure if you guys remember, but Kevin gave a not so veiled threat to the Sith mentioned above when she was trying to take down Nick in the media. Never has Kevin been so awesome. He told her flat out not to f&%$ with his little bro. And you know what? She backed off. I would too. You don’t mess with Kevy-Wan Richobe… (I need to think up a better Jedi name for him). Just because a Jedi is calm, doesn’t mean they can’t kick ass when necessary. Look at Yoda!

And he can keep Nick in line.

Which is pretty impressive for anyone to accomplish. Even a Jedi.


snapshot201507300447355. He saves lives.

In AJ’s own words, he credits Kevin with the reason why he’s still here. Kevin was the reason why AJ realized he needed to seek help. He was why AJ realized he was an addict. He burst down a freaking door to save AJ. And Kevin doesn’t stop there. Oh no. Then he goes and keeps Nick, his padawan, from dying. He keeps him from falling into the Dark Side of fame. He gave Nick the book that Nick credits on Dr. Phil for helping him turn his life around.

That’s Kevin for you, saving lives like it’s no big deal.


So, in conclusion…

Kevin the reason why you’re so at peace and zen in life, is because you’re a Jedi Knight. You don’t have to hide it anymore. Your work hasn’t gone unnoticed! And maybe one day, your beautiful kids will inherit your skills too. We hope so anyway. Until then…

Keep protecting the galaxy there Kev, one song at a time.

(Also, if you wanna show us some lightsaber skills, we wouldn’t be opposed to it!)

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