Flashback Friday: 2005 Frank Skinner – “We Have Boobs Now”

snapshot20150730201627During the Never Gone era, it was really the first time we started getting uncensored interviews. It was a new Backstreet and while that album era wasn’t perfect, it was definitely good in many ways. Look at the JWYTK video. A perfect example that the Boys we had grown up definitely realized we weren’t (as a whole) kids anymore.

This interview in particular, is hilarious.

Of course the standard question about their “reunion” popped up. This era is the first of many to follow where everyone believes the Backstreet Boys broke up. Who’s over that misconception ten years later? Not just me, right? Okay good.

Gone are the days where we get the pre-planned soundbytes. We’re not getting anything censored. They’re not pandering to a teen audience anymore. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s a great taste of the Boys as themselves and not having to watch what they say. They play around with poop, Kevin talks about the time where he challenged Eminem to a fight. Which by the way is another example of why you don’t screw with Kevin. Kevin doesn’t play. He’s a badass and it’s why we love him.

snapshot20150730201608Brian talks about smacking in a water bed. Before being reminded by both the host and the Boys that he’s working on a Christian album, and probably should be behaving himself. But ya know, we all knew Brian wasn’t completely innocent by that point.

snapshot20150730201517AJ puts fake poop on his penis shaped hairline. Ahh, the days before the hair implants.

Good times, all around.

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