TDS Forum News

Copied and Pasted directly from Emilia’s post on the TDS Forum:

I didn’t think we’d have to move again but we have to. This time it because the host where TDS is on is closing. I found out about this yesterday. No one hosted by them expected this to happen. Everyone has to move soon. The company they they’re apart of isn’t giving us a whole lot of time to move either. All sites will be offline by Monday. I’ve already asked Julilly from Absolute Chaos if they would be ok with hosting the forum once again and she is. So, we’ll be going back with them. As you can imagine I’m here backing up everything from my site and TDS. Which is taking a long time as servers are most likely busy due to so many sites being backed up.

Another thing is our domain and this is something that annoys me a bit. I had my host who I’ve been with for almost 9 years for renew it for us in June yet we can no longer keep the TDS domain. It’s not them but the company they’re apart of basically owns any domain she ever bought or renewed. They say it’s for legal reasons. So, as you can imagine a LOT of fan sites will be losing domains including my own Who knows if we can ever get it back once it expires next summer but for now we can’t use them. We’re in the process of buying TDS a .net domain that way we can still have the name. Plus they’ll redirect the .com domain to the new one for two months so we should be ok. As always we’ll inform everyone once the change has been set. While we move the forum will put on maintenance. We will move the forum as soon as we can and hopefully have everything setup at the new server by Monday.

Basically what this translates into is that the company that hosts the TDS forum are stupid and decided to give little-to-no notice that that they’re shutting down. That said, the blog is hosted on wordpress so we will remain unaffected and continue to post and keep you updated on the forum’s move. Julilly is amazing for hosting the forum once again and while it stinks we’ll have to change from .com to .net, it’s a small price to keep ourselves going.

Keep checking back for more updates!

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