Flashback Friday – The 2000 Grammys

snapshot20150807025256God…the 2000 Grammys.

Now the Grammys are a sensitive subject, I know. Mainly because it’s common knowledge that Millennium got snubbed by the panel. It still hurts. I mean how did Millennium get nominated FOUR FREAKING TIMES and not win a single one? Especially since that album was pop music gold! I will never understand this. And I hate thinking about it. It’s so painful. I know. I just…especially when only a short time later Who Let The Dogs Out? won a Grammy. I. KNOW.(Don’t get me started on all the bad/dumb songs that have managed to win a Grammy. Just don’t.)

I don’t get it either!

UGH! Yeah, I’m still angry.

But, but, BUT…

These performances, the medley especially, are why there’s happy memories attached to the word “Grammy” as well. I can gush on and on and on about these. I just might.

God this medley is amazing. AH-MAZ-ZING. The harmonies are BEYOND on point here. This is supreme ear candy. I’m not sure if this is my favorite performance of all time…(That might go to Who Do You Love on the A Night Out DVD, or When I Grow Up To Be A Man) but I definitely know it’s in the top five. There’s just no question. How could it not be?

snapshot20150807024538How Deep Is Your Love beginning kills me every time. I mean if there’s one thing I wish they did, was that they did a full a Capella of this song. This is a perfect example of when the five of them sing together, it creates true magic. Cheesy? Perhaps but dammit, it’s true. Just, ugh. I can die happy every time I watch this. And the I’ll Make Love To You bit? As a pretty big Boys II Men fan, it’s a fantastic tribute. They sound so good.

And lastly, Show Me The Meaning sounds hauntingly beautiful.

Okay, I gotta make myself move on. Or you’ll be reading this all day.

Can we talk about what a HUGE deal this was? The Boys are performing with Elton John! Talk about a legend! And at the Grammys! This isn’t some random Disney project. This is a prestigious music awards show and they’re performing with a legend. It’s a milestone, pure and simple. Not to mention I quite like Philadelphia Freedom. Good song. They sound so great together and I bet the Boys were excited and nervous. How could they not be? Again, Elton John is legendary. It’s right up there with performing with Cher. It’s more proof that while the media may not have fully respected them then (or now for that matter) their peers in the music industry sure as hell did.

Random thought – Nick wearing glasses is weird LOL.

You know what inspired me to pick these videos? This thread at The Darkside Forum. We’re in there talking about everything they accomplished in 2000-2001. So feel free to join us there and continue the discussion!

Is there a video you’d like to see us talk about for Flashback Friday? Let us know!

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