Solo Synopsis – Zombies, Songs, Boybanders and Rumors…


It was fun trying to title this post. Mainly because Nick has so much going on it’s hard to pin it down! It’s simply how he is though. The guy can’t handle downtime. In fact I’m pretty sure we saw Lauren complaining to him about how he’s constantly in GO-GO-GO-GO-GO! mode when he was on I Heart Nick Carter. Hopefully she’s adjusted to the way our favorite Tampa-blonde is a complete workaholic. I don’t think he knows how to be anything else. So here’s a summary of what he’s got going on right now outside of Backstreet.

1. The Songs

10948794_827851623948882_961212552_nNick has been working on a solo album that he announced in January of this year. He told us that this album will be “Nick in a jar”. Essentially he’s going big or going home in terms of doing all the sounds he’s been wanting to do but hasn’t just yet. This isn’t terribly shocking because Nick has described himself as a lover of all kinds of music. Not to mention he’s been proving it to be true consistently, changing his sound and growing with every single album. This one is self described as a happy album and inspired by what he loves. It’s supposed to have a beachy and rock/pop kind of feel. (Possibly Beach Boys on steroids?)

He’s worked with Dan Muckala (who we know from previous BSB albums with songs such as “Incomplete”, or “Make Believe”), Natasha Beddingfield (“Pocketful of Sunshine”, or “Unwritten”), and Kipp Williams – a successful Nashville producer.

Here’s some of the song titles for the still unnamed album.


“19 in 99”

“Cherry Pie”

“All American”

“That’s California”


At the last Soundcheck Party of the In A World Like This tour, Nick mentioned that he pushed back the release from July to October. As far as we know, the album will still release first in Japan. He was looking for distributors last we heard in America but we have faith he’ll have that worked out, no problem. (Maybe then I won’t have to order an import from Japan because I’m a Nick Girl with no patience! #BSBFanProblems)



He hasn’t forgotten about this project either. There was an Instagram photo (pre-Dead Seven) the other day that just might be for a music video? Pure speculation, admittedly. But what else would it be for?


2. The Zombies (and Boybanders)

CMfMz2bUkAA_1otSo as we talked about before in an earlier post, Nick’s making his movie happen this year. On August 14th, Dead Seven officially began filming. We’ve been treated to plenty of tweets and plenty of photos. So first off – seems like Nick might be (unknowingly) fulfilling #1 on my Seven Must Haves, by recruiting several members from different boybands. We already knew Joey Fatone (NSYNC), Howie, and AJ were on board. But now we know Trevor Penick and Jacob Underwood (both Otown) were casted along with 98 Degrees member, Jeff Timmons. We learned that Jacob is a bandit in the band of seven, and AJ’s villainous character is named Johnny. We haven’t seen Lauren, Trevor or Jeff just yet…

11906142_421163968073775_217785280_nBut Howie makes a pretty convincing gunslinger! (Joey looks like a great drunk LOL.)

11356602_1485884391724555_861879524_nAJ makes a super creepy villain…

Take note that just because they’ve moved forward with filming, it doesn’t mean casting still can’t happen. This past week Nick was still sending out recruiting tweets – including but not limited to Kathy Griffin, Chris Daughtry, and Ja Rule.

But…Ja Rule responded!

Thus reminding us Nick’s smarter than people think. Maybe we’ll see him in the movie too?

Update (8/18): Erik from Otown has been cast as well!

Update (8/19): Delious Kennedy from All-4-One has been cast along with Tommy McCarthy from No Authority.

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#onset #allboybanders

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3. The Rumors

dancing-with-the-starsThere’s been more than one rumor swirling around Nick right now. One is that Cher has been confirmed to be in Dead Seven. So far, that’s not true. Lauren stated at Comic Con they were in talks to possibly get her onto the cast as the Queen Of The Damned. There’s been absolutely no confirmation that she has accepted this role as of yet despite tweets swirling and reports to the contrary. I, personally would LOVE to see someone of that legendary status sign on to this movie. But right now, we just don’t know if it will happen.

Another is that Devon Sawa is confirmed to be cast. Guys, we simply don’t know. The two are friends and have been teasing each other in tweets lately. Devon even faved a tweet of mine where I was bored and tweeted how Nick should recruit him and Shane West for Dead Seven. I’d like to see it happen. But do we know it will? No. Wish we did!

There’s also a new rumor that Nick may be on Dancing With The Stars. I love this show. I love Nick. So honestly can we say happy-happy-joy-joy? (Sorry, 90s child means 90s references!) But there’s no confirmation and likely won’t be for awhile. Fans started hearing the rumor when this fansite article started floating around. Nick followed Sharna from DWTS on twitter recently without a solid reason. She tweeted a “Best Day Ever” meme on Instagram that same day. Dance partners? Hopefully! But so far that’s all the solid information that’s out there. Not enough to say it’s anything more than a rumor.

If any official confirmation does happen, I’ll be happy dancing in an update post. They’d make a fantastic match. For now, we can just daydream about it.

Update (8/18): Nick followed the DWTS Twitter. We’ll see if he’ll be on the show Sept 2nd!


Keep checking back here for future updates! And don’t forget to go to for Sara’s (What Happens On The Backstreet) posts with news on any and all of Nick’s current and future projects!

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