Cover Us With Dreams… (Songs We Wish The Boys Would Cover)

BSB-in-StudioSo I was listening to music on Spotify the other day, jamming on my way to work. We all do, right? There’s a lot of BSB in my playlist but I like all sorts of music. So Raspberry Beret came on and it reminded me of that cover the Boys did during the NKOTBSB tour as part of a medley with If You Stay. It occured to me the Boys have done a lot of covers, LIVE. Not as many as I would like in beautifully recorded studio quality. Still, we’ve been treated a lot over the years. And while I love the original songs they do, there’s something to be said about well crafted covers of perfection in music. There’s a reason why some songs are considered classics, right?

So we asked what songs you wished the Boys would record covers of.

But first lets appreciate some examples of the live gems…

Like… Lean On Me

Nick covering Here Comes The Sun

Kevin covering On Broadway

The Boys singing Toast To Our Love

I could go on and on here. Like Brian singing One Last Cry, or Don’t Take The Girl. Nick and his cover of Journey’s Faithfully. The group singing If I Ever Fall In Love or their many covers of End Of The Road. Don’t think I forgot about When I Grow Up To Be A Man either. And those are just live! There’s just so many. But I gotta move forward. Otherwise this will be a post of nothing but videos. Not even videos with my reactions cause I’d be staring at the videos and enjoying how pretty they sound! And what’s the point of a blog if it’s all videos and no writing? LOL. But one thing I and many fans daydream about (no I’m not talking about how hot the Boys are…) are songs we’d love for them to cover.

Me? Man… I am an oldies junkie. So I mean I’d want them to go way back. Like Reach Out, I’ll Be There by the Four Tops, Can’t Buy Me Love by The Beatles, a REAL cover of Prince’s Raspberry Beret. There’s just so many! Stand By Me by Ben E. King, Take Good Care of My Baby by Bobby Vee or Paul Anka with Put Your Head On My Shoulder because I feel like Nick would kill me with that song. Oh, and of course we can’t forget the Beach Boys…I’d want something fun so Help Me, Rhonda or Kokomo.

Last one – Love Potion #9 (The Searchers) solely because I think this cover would be amazingly fun.

Okay. So, we also decided to see what you guys thought. Here’s some of your suggestions.

My mind immediately went to Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen) and I don’t even know why. – Jaclyn (@dubnoxious)

I’m pretty sure Nick would approve of this suggestion.

Imagine, I would LOVE for them to cover Imagine (Beatles). Here Comes The Sun (Beatles), that would make my LIFE. And Don’t Want To Miss a Thing by Aerosmith and Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. – Sara (What Happens On The Backstreet)

Like me, I had to remind her to stop. It’s hard once you get going! But I pretty much second every suggestion she listed here.

Ed Sheeran’s Sing – From Nicky Laing on our Facebook

I was really happy to see this suggestion. Why? Because it gave me an excuse to post this video of the live cover they did of this very song! Kevin’s dancing really makes the video.

Oh god, God Only Knows by the Beach Boys and Nothing Else Matters by Metallica – Hayley (@smeagols_twin)

Sexy Love – NeYo, Usher’s There Goes My Baby, Michael Jackson’s Butterflies…okay let me stop LOL. – Alicia (@shortybubbelz)

Knew I forgot somebody, Michael! Who wouldn’t want to see the Boys cover The Way You Make Me Feel, or Billy Jean (complete with moonwalking video of course).

I could picture this. Nick used to sing covers of Right Here Waiting on his 2002 solo tour.

Well, I mean she said what we’re all thinking guys…

And so I had this post halfway finished. I was at work when my phone started buzzing with twitter notifications. Cause really, what BSB fan doesn’t have that set for each of the Boys’ twitters? I mean, really now. This might be confirmation that I either live in Nick Carter’s brain (scary thought…) or Nick lurks twitter the way he used to lurk on Live Daily which wouldn’t surprise me LOL. He tweeted his suggestion! Not to us persay, but the fandom. I listened to the song once I got a chance and you know, I kind of agree with him. 38 Special’s Second Chances is a pretty good song and vocally the group would kill it.

Thanks for chiming in Nick!

Is there a song you wish the Boys would cover that you didn’t see suggested here? What do you think of the songs listed? Comment below!

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