The Who’s Who of Dead Seven

There’s been a LOT happening since our last Dead Seven post. Like the cast? The cast is CRAZY. You keep thinking that Nick couldn’t have recruited more people. Lo and Behold…he does it. Nick’s kind of talented that way. By talented I mean gifted into making relations and making things happen. (Like how he’s the one who recruited big name produces for This Is Us even if you may or may not have liked the final product.) It shouldn’t be a surprise he’s this awesome but somehow he is. Let’s take a look at everyone he’s managed to pull in.

The Band Members

  • Backstreet Boys – Obviously we had to start with our Boys. AJ is playing a clown-esque villain whose looks are guaranteed to give us nightmares. Howie’s character is known as The Vaquero. Nick is not only directing the movie, he’s in the lead role as Jack. Jack will have a son played by a ten year old Montana local. Nick looks amazing and I’m positive we’ll all be drooling when we see this movie next year.

  • NSYNC – We have Chris Kirkpatrick in the game! We’ve known since Comic Con that Joey Fatone was signed on. He’s playing the drunk, Whiskey Joe. But Chris is new news. Am I the only one hoping Lance Bass will suddenly be spotted at the set next? No? Okay, cool. I’m not a NSYNC fan, but yes, I want this. Update 9/1 – Chris will be playing Mayor Shelby.
  • 98 Degrees – Jeff Timmons. There’s been some murmurings on Drew Lachey but so far, Jeff’s the only 98 member to be part of the zombie western.
  • O-Town – Dan Miller, Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, and Erik-Michael Estrada. Basically everyone but Ashley Parker Angel who isn’t a member of the reunited group any longer. We don’t know much about their roles besides Erik’s role is known as “The Dragon”. Update 9/1 – Dan’s character is known as Butch.
  • All-4-One – Remember this group? They had that beautiful song I Swear (yes I’m singing it now… “By the moon and the sun and the stars…”). Delicious Kennedy, member of the group signed on as well to play “Gene The Mustached Man”. The name alone cracks me up in a good way.
  • No Authority – In terms of popularity they were among the ranks of Youngstown or SoulDecision. Tommy McCarthy came in and replaced one of the original members. Here he’s playing Dylan The Angry John.
  • Everclear – Yes, you read right. Nick got a member from Everclear? Who? Art Alexakis.
  • Crazytown – Their song Butterfly was of my favorite songs in high school and still brings me back. When I heard Shifty Shellshock got cast as Zeke, I might have fangirled.


But Nick didn’t just cast band members. He cast actors, famous daughters, and other musicians in what will be a diverse cast for what will be a memorable zombie movie.


  • Lauren – Nick’s wife  was said at Comic Conto be one of the seven bandits. In terms of character information that’s all we know for the moment. Though Lauren did post quite the memorable photo of her and Nick on instagram in full costume. She’s been using the tag “Serene” on her Instagram pics so that could be her character name.

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  • Frenchie Davis – Known for both her scandal on American Idol and her performances from The Voice, Frenchie is a fantastic vocalist. She is known in the movie as Jezebel.
  • Chloe Lattanzi – She’s best known as Olivia Newton-John’s daughter. Her role is reportedly a cameo, but she is playing a girl named Trixie.
  • Gerardo Mejia – You remember him best as the one-hit wonder Rico…Suave. If you’re not a 90s child like myself, please Google it. You won’t regret it.
  • Carrie Keagan – She’s known best these days as the host of Vh1’s Morning Buzz with Nick Lachey. (Another 98 Degrees member who’s been talked about but NOT confirmed…) Carrie will be playing the other lead role as Jack’s wife. Update 9/1- Her character’s name is Daisy Jane.
  • Debra Wilson – That’s right, the comedian. She would crack me up late nights watching MadTV when I wasn’t supposed to growing up. Gotta admit, she’s another one I fangirled about once I learned she’d be in the movie.
  • Jon Secada – As of 8/26 we’ve learned the singer/songwriter has become part of the cast! Update on 9/1 – He is playing Sheriff Cooper!
  • Dylan Vox – Update on 8/27. He’s an actor regularly cast in films made by The Asylum.

Update March 2016: the movie airs April 1st on SyFy in the US! They also released the movie poster! 


The list keeps growing by the day! Keep checking back as we will update this with new information as it comes for you.

So who are you most excited about being cast in the movie Dead Seven? Who do you wish had a role? Come talk about it at the TDS Forum, tweet us at @thedarksidebsb or comment below!

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