Flashback Friday: Live In 1999 It’s Saturday Night…

Remember 1999? Remember where BSB were everywhere and doing everything? I do too. And yeah, sometimes I miss those days. A LOT. Don’t we all? The current days are nice too, don’t get me wrong. I’d say the In A World Like This era has been the best since Millennium. Which is when the Boys came to SNL to do their second appearance.

I figured out a way to post them for your enjoyment a few weeks ago when I kept getting requests for the videos we loved but could no longer find. Now I want to talk about them. I have to. Mainly because when I watch them, I fangirl. I couldn’t find the skit Howie does for this one. I thought I had it. Sadly I don’t and there isn’t any sign of it on YouTube because they remove any SNL videos.

But, I do have these performances. They are a sign of the times completely. Nick had his curtain hair, Brian wasn’t a blonde. AJ wore a leopard skin cowboy hat – because, well, why not? Kevin is hot in a way thirteen year old me couldn’t appreciate. Howie is Howie. (Which isn’t a bad thing!) I Want It That Way is flawless. Period.

Can we talk about All I Have To Give?

Listen to the arrangement. Come on. LISTEN. TO. IT. It it pure harmonic gold. All they have backing them is a guitar and a set of maracas. That’s it. In an age of flashy performances, they didn’t go there. This arrangement of All I Have To Give is half acapella and part acoustic. It’s unique. It’s also one of my favorite performances of All I Have To Give that they’ve ever done. EVER.

Any way we can convince them to start using this arrangement again? Please.

I’d sacrifice the infamous hat dance if they perform it like this on future tours.

It’s that serious.

Enjoy the performances below!

Is there a video or moment you’d like to see us do for future Flashback Fridays? Let us know!

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Live In 1999 It’s Saturday Night…

  1. Thanks so much for this! VH1 always cuts the All I Have To Give performance, so I’ve never gotten to see it until now!


  2. It would be sooooo great if the guys can use this rendition of AIHTG in their acoustic sessions on tour. I’d walk 1000 miles if they perform it in that style


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