5 BSB Themed Dances We Wanna See On DWTS

So, like we confirmed for you yesterday morning (early yesterday…for this West Coast blogger), Nick Carter is in fact going to be on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS). Now that everyone’s calmed down…well, only slightly because we’ve all been watching that video of Nick whipping and nae-nae-ing… We come to you with our hopes of what we might see on DWTS. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the people at @DancingABC will take the suggestions into consideration! Or Sharna Burgess. She’s rumored to be his partner, AND like us, she is a self-proclaimed Backstreet Boys fan. What’s not to like?

So you guys can picture it, I decided to use videos from Aaron Carter’s and Alfonso Ribiero’s (Carlton From Fresh Prince) routines from when they were on the show.

1. An “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” Viennese Waltz

As you can see the Viennese Waltz is a beautiful dance and tells a story. Usually one of love. What better than one of the sweetest ballads the Boys have done? We can watch it tell us a fairy tale- esque story, about that one man who walks into your life who will keep his promises. Showing you in this dance, that he won’t ever hurt you the way others have? It’s a fan-girl dream essentially. Pretend Aaron is Nick in this video, you’ll see what I mean.

2. A “Larger Than Life” Paso Doble.

The Paso is definitely a masculine dance. It’s a dance that requires you to be firm, bold, and strong. Larger Than Life if we go with maybe a rockier/harder mix of it, would be perfect for a futuristic take on the dance. Like per-say Alfonso’s up above. Maybe the intro can flashback to the music video? The possibilities are endless! Larger Than Life has some edge musically and seeing that edge turned into this dance? Sounds pretty freaking awesome.

3. “It’s Gotta Be You” Quickstep.

While most of the Boys’ songs are midtempo and a hair too slow for this dance, I do believe they might be able to use this song. And just the intro, I dunno. I mean it’s Nick singing that “Bay-bay it’s the way you made me…”. I think it fits!

4. “The Call” Jive That Might Change Nick’s Destiny

Let’s be clear, I don’t mean the regular version of The Call. Oh no. That’s not fast enough. The Jive is one of the fastest and therefore one of the hardest dances in the competition. I would want to use a mix like persay…The Thunderpuss Mix. Need a refresher? Here you go! How cool would it be to have a darker version of The Jive?

5. We Can Be “Undone” in this Rumba

Undone is slick. Undone is sexy. Both qualities can be used to describe the Rumba. More people in the world deserve to hear this song anyway. It’s exactly the right kind of song to be moving so smooth and seductively to. I could daydream about this forever.

Honorable Mention: A Cha-Cha to “Set It Off”

I know, I know, I said five. I’m sorry! I cheated.

Now let me be clear on what version of Set It Off I mean. It’s the one sometimes known as the “Dance Version”. Yes I know it’s a bside. And yes I know that means it won’t happen. But we can dream! Listen to just how funky this song gets and watch the video of Aaron. You can picture it pretty well, right? Yeah, I thought so.

Are there any BSB songs you hope might end up used in one of Nick’s dance routines? We want to know what you think! Tweet us, Comment, or Join Us At The Forum!

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