Flashback Friday: Teenage Wildlife… (A Music Video Gone Furry)

So there’s a lot going on in Backstreet land right now. And no, we’re not just talking about Nick! AJ’s been plenty active too. In fact did you know about his solo album? We posted a Solo Synopsis about him in July, actually. It’s all about his new album The Anthem. Did you know that Live Together is officially out today on Itunes? It is! Given all this it felt pretty fitting to do a Flashback Friday centered around him. Cause we can always use more AJ in our lives. He’s one of a kind. He proved that to us in his 2010 music video from his first solo album Have It All (sadly only released in Japan) for his single Teenage Wildlife.

The video, you’ll notice immediately was directed by Wade Robson. Remember him? For those Backstreet Fans who weren’t home grown in the nineties, he was THE choreographer in the music world besides Fatima basically. He was behind many of the moves of NSYNC, including the infamous Bye Bye Bye dance. Then some rumors of Britney Spears cheating on Justin Timberlake with Wade later, he sort of faded out of the public eye but still kept working. As seen here.

snapshot20150904013057You’ll also notice very quickly this isn’t your normal music video. Something any Backstreet Boys fan should’ve expected, because well, it’s AJ and he’s very very quirky. The guy loves to be different and it’s pretty endearing. And yeah, you’re seeing it right. That’s a giant furry cat with pasties on a stripper pole. Besides AJ and his “posse”, the entire video is populated by furries. What’s a furry? Um…we’re going to let you Google that. Suffice it to say it’s a sexual quirk. But if you’re still curious and unsure about what it is, by all means Google.


Okay, back to business. The story of the video is actually normal. The weird part is the fact AJ’s crushing on a chipmunk who’s dating this jerk lion. The lion is a jackass who’s ignoring her for the kitty stripper. AJ and his crew go into the club, he ends up hitting on the chipmunk. The lion gets pissed so there’s only one way to settle it right? It’s obvious what needs to happen.

snapshot20150904013258A DANCE OFF.

snapshot20150904013328Wade supposedly is the one in the lion costume. We can’t remember if this ever got confirmed. But the Furry Friends (as I now dub them) are pretty slick. Not sure how they’ll be beaten!

Oh wait…

snapshot20150904013444AJ’s bringing it right back!

snapshot20150904013503So basically AJ wins the dance battle but of course now the Furry Friends are pissed.

snapshot20150904015105So we’re back to them just fist fighting it out. That’s when the chipmunk steps in. She breaks it apart before getting knocked down. AJ is a gentleman of course, helps her up and she realizes she should be with him. Good for her! The pair run off into the night away from the club. A happy ending! Weird as heck, but you know, happy! That’s what matters right? I wonder if AJ’s crew were like “What the hell kind of place did he drag us to?”

snapshot20150904015429I would’ve been. Anywho, enjoy this fun and unique video for yourself! Hopefully soon AJ will drop his next music video and we can discuss how awesome it is!

You can order AJ’s new single “Live Together” which is out TODAY here at Itunes!

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