Avengers Assemble! The Backstreet Edition

avengersSo it’s been discussed before. The Boys (mainly AJ) have told us what they think in a soundcheck from Singapore. But sometimes, we the fandom may see other sides to the Boys they may not see in themselves. So we disagree with their assessments. Which is pretty much the case here. I’m a huge nerd and a big fan of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). I’m not going to lie, I’ve imagined the Boys in these roles. Sometimes for fun and sometimes for story ideas cause my brain never quite shuts up. So here’s my take on if the Boys were the Avengers, which members would each Boy be?

(Fair Warning: You’ll notice looks did not factor in at all in my choices)

1. Kevin, is Captain America

KevCapCaptain America in both the comics and the movies is the leader of the Avengers. He’s the one the others look to. He’s also been frozen since World War II only to be found and reawakened in our world. So to say he’s “old fashioned” is a pretty big understatement. Kevin is an old soul, with his love of Sinatra and appreciation for songs from The Drifters (On Broadway). Kevin has always been the undisputed “big brother” and unofficial leader of Backstreet and has been since we’ve become fangirls so many years ago. Steve Rogers is the gentleman as well, because of the era he’d grown up in. Ladies, how many times has Kevin romanced us just through his relationship with Kristen? He may not look like Captain America with his pretty boy blonde hair and blue eyed features…but personality wise he’s it.


2. Nick, is Iron Man

NickIMI don’t think this one is debatable. I mean, look at Tony Stark. He’s the creative one in the group. He wasn’t a lab experiment or a test gone wrong. No! He wanted to save himself, so he created a freaking suit to turn himself into a superhero. Nick is always coming up with crazy ideas, always trying new things. Tony is always creating new suits, thinking up ways for the future. Sometimes, it doesn’t go well for Tony. (Like say, Ultron.) Sometimes it doesn’t go well for Nick. (Like say, House of Carters.) Tony is also the charmer. He’s self-described as a billionaire playboy. How many years was Nick charming and flirting the pants off of every female around? Oh wait, he still does that. Mmm… Anyway, Tony is the flirt. He’s a little bit narcissistic. He’s Nick in superhero form.

Tony’s also arguably the other leader in the group. No Nick wasn’t that at first but you can argue he’s grown into that role. Iron Man and Captain America about to face off in the new movie Civil War, and we’ve seen Nick and Kevin get pretty heated with each other before.


3. Howie, is The Hulk

HowieHulkOkay, here’s where I agree with AJ. Because Howie, like Bruce is mild mannered and gentle when he isn’t angry. We’ve heard many stories about how Howie is “stealth”, or how Howie will go “Puerto Rican” on you when he’s pissed off. Hell he snapped on a teenage Nick screaming “I’ll KEEL YOU” because Nick jumped at him after he got pranked. When the Hulk gets angry, look the hell out. You’re in danger! The same can be said for a supremely pissed off Howie. You just don’t wanna mess with him. Not if you value your life at least.


4. Brian is Hawkeye

BrianHEAJ, you had it right the first time in that video. Brian is clearly Hawkeye. Hawkeye is a family man! While the other heroes make this their thing, their fight is the center of their lives, for Clint, the most important thing in his life is his family. That’s not to say the other Avengers don’t have loved ones. But Clint has this secret life he’s protected from SHIELD, from HYDRA, from everyone. They live on this farmhouse and outside his crazy life working with superheroes, he’s a normal dad. That’s Brian outside of Backstreet. You’ll see the others keep working on Backstreet Downtime – Kevin with Cover Story and movies, AJ and Howie with solo albums, and Nick with pretty much everything possible. But Brian? Brian goes silent typically during Backstreet Downtime in terms of projects. Hawkeye is the same way in the movies. Downtime is family time. Both are typical dads who happen to have extraordinary jobs.


5. AJ is Thor

ThorAJI really debated about AJ. But honestly, I can’t see him as anyone else. Thor is the only Avenger not of this Earth. He’s an Asgardian which means he’s practically a God in another realm. He doesn’t always completely get Earth and its culture though he loves it nonetheless. AJ sometimes acts like he’s a freaking alien and we sort of love that about our Quirky Backstreet. Both men are very protective about those they love and will do anything to save them. Both have seen some lows – Thor was cast out of his home world, banished to Earth as a mortal at one point. AJ has had to battle addiction. Both eventually rose above it and became stronger for it. Plus I can’t be the only one able to picture AJ sitting all amused with the other Avengers cause no one could lift the hammer but him, right?

Oh and they’re definitely the most flamboyant dressers in their groups…just saying.


I’ll tell you one thing for sure, if they recast The Avengers with our Boys – I’d be first in line to watch.

Wouldn’t you?

So am I right? Did I get it wrong? Let us know!

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