Five Essentials For Watching Dancing With The Stars

11371023_1656390207932137_1599632333_nSo we have less than a WEEK before we see Nick in all his ballroom dancing glory with Sharna Burgess on Dancing With The Stars. LESS THAN A WEEK. I know, we all want to fangirl out of pure excitement, right? And those with more control I know are still looking forward to seeing if Nick can capture that ever elusive mirror ball. They’re officially known as #TeamSharNick because #BackstreetBurgess was too long, apparently. (But that’s their real name, okay.) Since we have so little time left before the two-night premiere it’s our duty to make sure you’re fully equipped to handle DWTS each and every week.

1. A Way To Watch

Alright, seems obvious right? A TV. But you have people like me who can’t watch live because I live on the West Coast and there’s this evil thing called time-zone delays. They air it at 8pm HERE instead of just putting it on live at 5pm. Ugh. Bane of my existence. And you have our fellow Backstreet Soldiers around the world who don’t have access the American TV the way we here in the states do. So what does a fangirl do?

Live Streams! Thank all that is Holy Howie for technology, right?





What if they don’t work? (Bad thoughts!) But if they don’t, have no fear. We WILL be posting each of Nick’s performances to Our Playlist On The TDS YouTube Channel. We’ll look for them so you won’t have to. We’ve already added Nick’s “nae nae” video along with his special greeting for the cast reveal that was on GMA last week.


2. A Nick Carter T-Shirt

medium.n01y335ug623You gotta wear your Nick swag for support! Alright he can’t see you. But I believe in the power of positive vibes. So if we all wear our Nick shirts (BSB shirts/Nick & Knight shirts CAN be substituted if you don’t have a Nick shirt), maybe that extra bit of luck will come to him as he performs. Can’t hurt, right? And you can’t go into full fan-girl (or fan-boy) mode without the proper attire. You just can’t.


3. The Proper Equipment To Vote (Knowledge, a Phone and a Computer)

Do you know all the ways to vote for #TeamSharNick? No? It’s okay. Here’s a refresher for those who forgot and instructions for those who’ve never watched the show. First off there’s three ways to vote – by PHONE, ONLINE, and through FACEBOOK. So be prepared to wear yourself out making sure we can support them any way we can! Let’s break it down.

By Phone: First off, sadly I must say you can only vote by phone in THE US ONLY. I’m sorry guys! Voting starts during the liveshow. Yes. DURING. It ends exactly one hour after it ends (this IS based on timezone thankfully, so don’t worry West Coast Fans!) The phone number to call stays the same from week to week. So we WILL post the number in the first recap post for you to call, and tweet it from TDS as well.

Update: ABC posted the number! We’ll be tweeting it each week with the banner below.


Online: Okay, this can be global. Have no fear! You go to and it will open each Monday night at 5pm PT (8pm EST) and stays open till 5pm PT (8pm EST) the next day. The number of votes are limited each week based on the number of contestants left on the show. You’ll be told how many votes you can submit through each format every week. You will have to register an account at (Name, email, or Facebook) before you vote. You’ll have to use a proxy though if you’re outside the US, like Hola or another.

Facebook: Voting for Facebook can be done through here –

Keep in mind votes are combined WITH the judges scores. Neither side will make or break Nick. They’re combined into his final score that will determine each week if he’ll stay or go. That means even if he gets ALL 10s, we can’t get complacent! We, the Backstreet Army have to vote like each week is his last. Or it just might be!


4. Snacks

Trust me, when you watch you WILL get nervous for our youngest member of Backstreet. How can you not? We all want him to win. And while yes he is a ringer as I said last week…it doesn’t mean something can’t happen. That fear is real y’all. It could lead to nervous snacking. You won’t want to risk running into the kitchen during commercials either. You could miss Nick! So be prepared before the show starts!


5. Friends/Family To Watch With

I guarantee you’ll need this. There’s gonna be moments you’re yelling at the TV about the scores. You’ll get mad they didn’t like the pro’s creative choices. Or you’ll just know Nick didn’t miss a step! Trust me, you’ll find a reason. Having friends there (who won’t judge you for fangirling – this is important) to vent to might help with the rage. Unable to con anyone into watching DWTS just for Nick? No problem. Who said they had to be there in person? Keep your Twitter app open. You can rage and squee with the fandom family all you’d like. Both options will keep you from throwing your remote into your TV at the more frustrating parts of the show.

Which is good, cause if you throw your remote into the TV and it breaks…you’re gonna have a bad time.

dwts mirror ballTune in with us to watch Dancing With The Stars on ABC September 14th (8pm EST/5pm PST online)! We will be live tweeting @thedarksidebsb, recap blogging right here, and discussing the show afterwards on the TDS forum! So join the conversation with us!

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