It’s Time For A Brian Binge Y’all!

snapshot20150912045818I may not be southern but my mother absolutely was. So forgive me in advance for the random y’alls that will appear throughout my blogging in either past posts or in future ones. I get weird looks out here in Vegas for it too. But anyways, lets move on to another southern thang. (Did you hear that in a certain Backstreeter’s voice? I hope so!) I’m not here to talk about Kevin, but Brian. Just because there’s a LOT (and I do mean a lot) going on with our younger blonde exploding Backstreet Boy, doesn’t mean I’ve missed everything going on with Brian! I totally haven’t. Brian holds a special spot in my fandom heart. He was my first “favorite”, actually. Deep down I’m still a Frick and Frack shipper. So while Nick holds my attention a lot of the time, I always have my eye on Brian.

Brian’s been quiet during the Backstreet Downtime, which is pretty typical in recent years. But sometimes, I know, it gets depressing. We all love our giant ball of energy proving to us over and over that big things might come in small packages. (In fact I’m pretty sure Brian is an alien…but that’s another post.) He’s silly, a little crazy, a man of tremendous strength (as talked about before) and faith. Really, Brian is easy to fangirl over.

But the droughts…man, the droughts.

Thankfully some commercials have appeared to tide us through! Have you heard of NetOnNet? I’d like to think so cause the Boys did a pretty epic commercial with the Swedish company and retooled Larger Than Life into Lager Than Life. Complete with a re-recording of the song! If you by some chance haven’t seen this, click the video below!

Turns out Brian did some commercials with them on his own! Good thing for us. It may not be a solo album, I know. It hurts. But still, at least we have commercials! Way better than nothing, personally speaking. They’re pretty fun to watch too. Especially the one I’m gonna link first. I mean Brian’s face is priceless! You’ll immediately know what I’m referring to, the moment it happens. I won’t spoil it for you. Brian manages to be adorable even then. In fact probably more so than normal.

In the next one, it’s like a karaoke performance of Lager Than Life but in Swedish. Which is pretty cool. I actually love the arrangement they used. Hey, Brian, I have an idea! Let’s get the Boys, and the band from this commercial. Have them play this musical arrangement for Larger Than Life and then re-record this as a remix? Huh? Maybe? Pretty please? I’ll give you a puppy. Or maybe a unicorn. I’m pretty sure Sara ( @backstreetbuzz from What Happens On The Backstreet) can find me one. Think about it, okay?

Another performance/karaoke type commercial but I still prefer the arrangement of the one above. It’s pretty hard to top that. Am I right?

I find Brian learning Swedish in the commercial really endearing. No idea why.

This last one? I probably should’ve posted it first. I’m quirky though and I do things backwards. I also have a tendency to fixate on random things or fangirl about zombies. (Or you know, Nick killing zombies…*cough*DeadSeven*cough*) So yeah, there’s no reason I’m listing this last when it should be first other than the fact I’m me. Anywho this has them all around a table and one of them tells Brian he’s choosing to sing Lager Than Life and Brian talks about the video/commercial the Boys did for it. It’s simple and kind of cute.

So guys, enjoy this mini-Brian binge! I know, you miss him. I miss him. But hey…there’s hope! I promise. Just today (well errm…yesterday for the normal people who sleep normal hours unlike me…) he instagramed this pic below. Mentions of a solo album? Just a mean tease? Who knows! But it’s something!

Do you think the instagram mention of new music means anything? Do you miss Brian as much as we do? Come chat with us at the TDS Forum, here in the comments, or hit us up on twitter!


One thought on “It’s Time For A Brian Binge Y’all!

  1. I hadn’t seen the full ad before of the ‘rebooted’ Lager than Life … that’s pretty cool. I had seen some of the Brian ad’s before though. Loved seeing them all again though. 😉 Got to love B-rok


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