We Can’t Wait For Nick’s “I Will Wait”!

I Will WaitAlright, I’m just going to say it. Nick, if you’re reading this (which I highly doubt you are but just in case)…YOU ARE EVIL. You hear me? EVIL. Nick Carter is evil. Because like we haven’t been dying enough over all this Nick Dancing With The Stars madness. Like all the photos and tweets or periscopes featuring Team SharNick haven’t been too adorable for words. Our hearts are on the verge of being unable to take any more Nick fangirling. I’m full to bursting! But did that matter? Of course not.

You hear that maniacal laughter in the distance? That’s Nick.

So being the evil man that he is, he dropped this solo bomb on us out of nowhere.

A fifteen second preview from the first single of his upcoming solo album All American.


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Coming soon… #IWillWait

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Listen and then watch your heart explode from joy. Watch the hearts of other Backstreet Boys fans explode with joy. Once you’re done experiencing this over and over again (because I know you won’t be able to play that only ONE time…I may or may not be past number ten myself) come back here. Cause this isn’t just a fandom blog post of pure squee. It’s about ninety-eight percent squee. The other two percent is actual information. I promise. Okay, maybe one percent. But can you blame a girl for rambling on about this? If you can, LISTEN AGAIN.

Or at least forgive me for being hooked on that evil blonde.

So if you don’t know what’s been going on with Nick’s solo album, you can catch up in his solo synopsis post, posted back when I was still counted Dancing With The Stars as a rumor about a month ago. If you already know about the album, then that’s good! There’s not too many changes. Really we expected the infamous Backstreet Time to happen – so Nick’s album will now be released in November instead of October (in Japan). I’m slightly sad cause that means no Nick as a birthday gift, but I’ll live. He’s also got an actual album title named after one of his songs – All American.

His first single? I Will Wait. The video is done and ready to go.

Fifteen seconds is all we have but that’s all we need to hear to know this song is beautiful.

I just hope the wait for I Will Wait isn’t too long. Our hearts can’t take it.

Join the discussion about Nick’s solo record and the albums of all the Backstreet Boys’ solo efforts in the Music Section of the TDS Forum!

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