Exploring Nick Carter’s Solo Career

So remember when I wrote a post looking back at Brian's solo career? I thought it'd be neat to do for the others. Honestly Howie was supposed to be next cause I do have a fond love for his Back To Me album...but then this popped up on twitter and I pretty much lost my … Continue reading Exploring Nick Carter’s Solo Career

Fandom Life – Level: Adulthood #AllAmerican Edition

So I get why people want to go back to being...19 in '99 or 10 in '99, or in my case, 12 in '99. I really do. I mean the Boys were in the height of their careers then! The world was a Backstreet Boys paradise for teen girls like ourselves (or teen boys...). But … Continue reading Fandom Life – Level: Adulthood #AllAmerican Edition

A Taste Of The All American Tour…Two Live Performances!

So for those who missed it, there was a live stream of the album release event Nick had in Japan. Just a little while ago actually. But it's okay! Whether you were working, (for those outside the US) or if you were sleeping (unlike nocturnal me), or you just couldn't get the stream to work...I … Continue reading A Taste Of The All American Tour…Two Live Performances!

Celebrate “Nickvember” and Go “All American”!

Forget November, this is Nickvember! Nick's been dropping some crazy news! It's impossible to keep up. Well, almost. We've already got you as up to date as possible with tidbits we knew about his upcoming album All American. And you've been watching him on Dancing With The Stars since September. Have you downloaded his single … Continue reading Celebrate “Nickvember” and Go “All American”!

We Can’t Wait For Nick’s “I Will Wait”!

Alright, I'm just going to say it. Nick, if you're reading this (which I highly doubt you are but just in case)...YOU ARE EVIL. You hear me? EVIL. Nick Carter is evil. Because like we haven't been dying enough over all this Nick Dancing With The Stars madness. Like all the photos and tweets or … Continue reading We Can’t Wait For Nick’s “I Will Wait”!