All American Review – It’s Nicksgiving!

So I’ve been promising some less Nick-centric posts. Which, I lied! Okay, I’m kidding. But Nick has a lot going on. I mean his album JUST came out. How can we avoid talking about it? We can’t. I just can’t. I mean, especially with where he decided to go with it. You guys might want to kill me. But the others are enjoying their down time. Nick’s the workaholic. As a fan? I adore it.

So here I am, breaking it down song by song.

1. 19 in 1999
Already you can tell this album is going to be fun. Something I wondered after hearing “I Will Wait” and watching the tearjerker video. This isn’t a song that takes itself seriously. This is Nick deciding to just go nuts and party about his 90s days.

2. Get Over Me (feat. Avril Lavigne)
This wasn’t a collab I expected but it’s cool they’re still friends after she opened for the Boys in 2014. Nick’s talking about a full on psycho stalker only wanting him cause he’s famous. I bet this is definitely inspired by real life. And…I kinda think some fans who think they can somehow steal Nick from Lauren should REALLY listen to the lyrics. I like it though. It’s funny and cheeky.

3. California
California goes more midtempo. It sorta reminds me of the theme of The OC only kicked up a few notches. It’s mellow but beachy. Best way I can describe it. I could see myself relaxing to this song as I was suntanning.

4. Second Wind
I wasn’t sure what I expected. This is the song Natasha Beddingfield collaborated on with Nick writing wise. This wasn’t it but I feel like this is the sort of song you kick back to as you’re eating tamales and drinking margaritas. Probably exactly what Nick was aiming for with this. 

5. Swet
Listen to those lyrics. This song is sexy. It feels sexy. Like I could see the video being in a sauna or something. But it’s not slow. It’s an upbeat sexy song. Which I love. I also like how Nick’s using his voice in different ways on each song. He’s not just holding notes for every track or going to the same octaves. Back to Swet. This song inspires happy happy images for me. Let’s….just stop there. Thanks Nick LOL.

6. Cherry Pie
Now here’s the slower sexy song. I mean I never got why fans adored “Miss America” from NON, cause it wasn’t that sultry for me. This? HELL YEAH. Maybe it’s all the DWTS watching but I could see a seriously hot rumba to this. Missed opportunity there y’all.

7. Tijuana
This song IS “Beach Boys on crack” period. Like the beginning is like straight up out of one of the old Beach Boys songs, melody wise. I can’t get past that. I adore me some Beach Boys. I’ve said it before here. Then out of nowhere we’re hitting 70 MPH on the song. I dig this retro-surf rock Nick. Keep at this! I feel like this song shows Nick really hit his groove.

8. All American
The title track. I always huge expectations for the title track. Because it named the album. It’s never fair to the song, but there it is. This song is definitely one to make me laugh. Not in a bad way! More because we’ve seen Nick grab his wife’s ass and you know that is EXACTLY what inspired this song. Most guys write loves songs, Nick wrote a song about his wife’s booty. Rock on Nick.

9. Man On The Moon
Another song that makes me feel like I went back to the 50s/60s. Maybe Nick can clear this up. Did you use a sample from the song “Blue Moon”? The melody reminds me a LOT of that song. It’s very old school ballad-y. One of my faves and a standout track for me on the album. 

10. Horoscope
The fact Nick took so much inspiration (clearly) from the Beach Boys makes my fangirl heart happy. I know it’s not a Nick album without space references (see the last track) but its cute we got two. This song isn’t so high-speed as the others. If “Tijuana” was Beach Boys on crack, this is like…Beach Boys drunk? Something like that. It’s got edge but it’s not cranked up to 70MPH. We’re doing…like 45 now.

11. I Will Wait
This song is beautiful. It’s simple and it’s so different from the other tracks. It’s kind of funny this song was the single cause it doesn’t represent the album at all. But that’s okay for me. I like that it’s not like the others. It’s refreshing in it’s simplicity. I can never watch the video though cause the one time I did hit too close to home and I bawled my eyes out. Such a pretty love song.

So this album as a whole, feels very old school. Like I could see several songs as part of the Grease soundtrack. All American shows exactly where Nick is right now. He’s happy and at peace with himself. He’s loving life. So when making an album that’s exactly what’s come across. Maybe I’m reading too much into it? Maybe not. Either way this is an album where you blast it in your car, sing along, and crank the windows down so the world can hear it with you. I hope Nick’s future albums go along this vein because it’s the best of everything he’s done before now in his solo career, all mashed into one album.

Favorite Tracks: Get Over Me, Tijuana, Man On The Moon

What do you think of the album? It’s out NOW on Amazon, Itunes and you can get a physical copy of the album at! Buy it now! Tickets are also on sale for Nick’s “All American” tour in 2016.

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